Food Trailers For Sale Starting at $45,000

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These affordable food trailers for sale will help you get started with your mobile business. Our E-Line Division focuses on food truck designs for customers that have a limited budget. You can customize it to your needs to add or remove cooking & cooling equipment and other items.

Food Trailers

8x18 E-Line website Food Trailer Design

Starting at $45,000

This lovely and affordable food trailer for sale is 8.5×18 and has 2 axles. Its cooking equipment includes a 24″ flat top griddle on an equipment stand, 24″ range, 4 burners with oven, and a deep fryer. Its cooling equipment includes a full size refrigerator, and a chest freezer. It also has two 24×60 work tables, and a 30×36 work table. It includes a make up air fan. It has a 3 compartment sink and hand sink. It has a complete electrical, plumbing and propane system. It comes with two windows with exterior shelves, located in the passenger side, and a rear door. You may modify it to fit your needs. Visit our gallery for more details and comparison.

Food Trailers are in High Demand

Food Trailers For Sale are in high demand because they are profitable. The reason they are a profitable business is because of significant lower operating cost in comparison to a restaurant. For example, much lower rent and insurance, no furniture expense, and much lower labor and salaries.

Food Trailers For Sale Offer Flexibility

Food Trailers For Sale also offer the flexibility of mobility. So, if a spot isn’t working out for you, you just find the next one that does. You can also take your mobile business on the road, therefore you go after opportunities for events, weddings, school campuses, parks, etc.

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