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Ice Cream Trucks For Sale. We’ve all seen it, lived it, remember it.  The ice cream truck is a ice cream trailer classic.  Enjoy our gallery below which includes gelato truck, frozen yogurt trailer and more.

Ice Cream Trucks For Sale | Angie's Epicurean Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Trucks For Sale. Angie’s Epicurean spectacular vintage 12′ ice cream food truck was built by Concession Nation in 2019.  They are located in Miami. Angie’s charms the curious and conscious taster with uncommon ice cream and epicurean delights. They believe the experience of taste is best savored with the experience of beauty. Their gourmet confections are created from the finest organic, plant-based ingredients and purveyed in an environment of exquisite style and design. They are making lots of money on this ice cream truck, as you can imagine from the lines and events on the video.

32 Bubbles had an incredible 8×20 ice cream trailer built by Concession Nation in 2017. They are operating out of South Florida. Who doesn’t like waffles? Their fun and unique style of waffle cones that mimics bubbles are fun and enjoyable for all ages.

8x20 Acai Express Ice Cream Trailer

Acai Express promotes a healthy existence by serving up a lifestyle brand of body beneficial goodness. Concession Nation has been the preferred builder for Acai Express since 2015 and have built 14 impressive trailers (8×16, 8×20, and an 8×24) that are based in Puerto Rico. Acai bowls are a big trend today. They’re really delicious, the presentation is outstanding, and they’re super healthy for you. If you’re interested in owning a franchise, give us a call today and we will put you in contact with their corporate office.

8x24 Acai Express Ice Cream Trailer

Ames Cool Treats will be rolling all the way to Ames, Iowa. Their adorable 7×20 trailer was built by Concession Nation in 2020. The visuals that display their unique style of ice cream and slushies on their trailer will surely bring in customers. They also have beautifully custom wrapped tables, so customers can really enjoy their delicious treats with friends.

Flippin' Ice Cream & Donuts Trailer

Flippin Donuts serves hot, yummy mini donuts. They’re also an ice cream trailer that’s located in Florida. They will be serving in central Florida and surrounding areas. They reached out to Concession Nation in 2019 to build a fantastic trailer 8×20 trailer. Donuts and ice cream could never go wrong, they’re enjoyable anytime of the day and good during any season. Flippin donuts has a display case to showcase their delicious treats and to make majority of us fall into a sweets temptation.

The Frozen Farmer reached out to Concession Nation in 2015 to build an out of sight 18′ ice cream truck. They can be found in Delaware. The Frozen Farmer takes misshapen veggies, and unpleasant fruits and use them in their delicious ice cream. They also wholesale their ice cream, cream, and sorbet to more than a dozen different restaurants, shops, and markets in Delaware and Maryland. This is a treat you can’t pass up; ice cream, veggies, and fruit. Now that’s a win.

The Frozen Frenzee reached out Concession Nation in 2016 to build an impressive 14′ ice cream truck. The Frozen Frenzee ice cream truck specializes in bringing snow cones and ice cream to sports venues, birthday parties, festivals, and school functions. Snow cones and ice cream could never go wrong. During those crucial hot summer days, a snow cone and ice cream will surely do the trick to cool you down and satisfy your taste buds.

La Mejico Bakery

La Mejico Bakery, decided to expand from their brick and mortar bakery by going mobile. They had two stunning 8×18 trailers built by Concession Nation in 2016 & 2019. With an awesome pull out display case, you will get a glimpse of the delectable treats such as; churros, ice cream, cakes, and so much more.  Located in Texas, La Mejico will surely fulfill your taste buds.

Moop Pops had a phenomenal 18′ ice cream truck built by Concession Nation in 2016. Popsicle’s are an all time favorite treat for all ages. They’re super yummy and are good to eat all year round. Moop pops are located in South Florida and their striking truck will for sure draw in a crowd.

Oki Scoops

Oki Scoops is located Okinawa, Japan. The U.S. Air Force partnered up with Concession Nation again in 2018 to build a fantastic 14′ ice cream truck. Concession Nation has built numerous food trucks and trailers for the U.S. Air Force, Army, and the Navy. The Oki Scoops food truck resembles old ice cream trucks that would play jingles in neighborhoods that had everyone running to get a sweet treat.

Old Mill Creamery Ice Cream Trailer

In 2019 Concession Nation built an extraordinary 8×18 ice cream trailer for Old Mills Creamery. They are located in MD. Their decorative graphics resembles a classic style ice cream parlor. If their graphics looks amazing, we’re pretty sure the desserts are even better.



Olson’s Ice Cream reached out to Concession Nation in 2019 to build a super 8×16 ice cream trailer. Olson’s Ice Cream opened in 1923 and has multiple brick & mortar locations. Their stunning trailer resembles a cute cartoon like ice cream parlor. Olson’s Ice Cream is fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Orange Leaf offers the freedom from average every day options. From flavors, cups, and cones, to smoothies, shakes, and cakes, they give their guests the freedom to create whatever sweet treat they can come up with next. Concession Nation built a knockout 8×16 ice cream trailer in 2015.

Peachwave Yogurt was one of the first brands to begin using the frozen yogurt “self-serve” model. Their system allows a create your own masterpiece in a bowl while also controlling portion size. You can also get a smoothie, shake, or float! They prepare fresh, daily frozen treats, whipped cream, baked waffles and fresh fruit. In addition to stores, now, available to franchisees is an outrageously delightful 8×10 Peachwave Trailer!

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This 8×10 Small Concession Trailer was built for Pineapple Hut, in South Carolina in 2023. This captivating small food trailer is fully loaded and a money-maker indeed. It has two Ice cream machines and a refrigerator.

It has a work table and shelving space to work with multiple staff inside. It has one window so you can guide your customers’ traffic. A generator powerful enough to run all of the equipment inside and an external gas tank on the front of the trailer.

The custom graphic design was installed on the grey trailer exterior to keep an elegant and clean look.

As a custom trailer maker, we can build you a similar one or custom-build your small concession trailer according to your budget and needs.

Are you excited yet? Call us to get your own small concession trailer and turn your dream into a reality!

12′ Ice Cream Truck built for Scoops Unlimited Ltd. from the Kingston, Jamaica.

Concession Nation built a dazzling ice cream food truck for Sweet Frog in 2016. Sweet Frog’s  goal is to create the best frozen yogurt experience anyone has ever had! You can create your own combination of delicious, soft-serve premium frozen yogurt then finish it off with any toppings you choose. Their toppings bar is stocked fresh every day with the best ingredients for a light snack, a decadent dessert and everything in between.

Tres Leches N Snacks

Tres Leches N Snacks reached out to Concession Nation in 2018 to build a tremendous 8×24 ice cream trailer. Just by looking at trailer will make anyone say, wow! Tres Leches is packed with super yummy treats that everyone can enjoy. It’s big, it has lighting, music, and stand out graphics that will draw anyone in. You are in for a treat and entertainment.

Why should you buy an Ice Cream Truck?

Ice Cream Trucks For Sale. For entrepreneurs who are seeking a profitable business with low cost operations and menus that are in high demand, ice cream trucks are just for you. No special education or experience is needed, it’s a high return on an investment business, you get to be your own boss with flexible hours, it’s easy to franchise, and 100% recession proof. Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like ice cream?

What Ice Cream Will You Serve?

Two really enjoyable decisions to make when starting an ice cream food business are: what kind of ice cream will you serve and, how will you serve it? Did you know there are over 1,000 different ice cream flavors?

Ice Cream to Offer:

  • Ice Cream
    • soft-serve ice cream or hard ice cream
    • homemade or pre-packaged
    • novelties
    • blended with toppings, shakes or sundaes
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Frozen Custard
  • Sorbet
  • Mochi
  • Gelato

Serve Sweet Treat In:

  • Sugar Cones
  • Cake Cones
  • Bowls
  • Waffle Cones
  • Waffle Bowls
  • Flavored Dip Cones
  • Pretzel Cones
  • Gluten Free Cones

More Options

  • Ice cream sandwiches – homemade cookies, mix ‘n match flavors
  • Ice cream cupcakes
  • Ice cream in a sweet taco
  • “Build your own” sundaes to add variety and fun for your customers.

Being Profitable with Your Ice Cream Food Trailer?

Don’t fall for the industry-wide myth that ice cream only sells in the summer.

Jennifer Ng, interviewed 30 ice cream shops for her “Ice Cream Travel Guide”. Her discover was that during the winter months in locations that have cold seasons – not all closed shop.  Some reduced locations (for a truck that could, also, mean reducing hours, too) and others found different sources of revenue.  Some ideas included “sandwiches, coffees, and cakes” to their menus.

Revenue for an ice cream food trailer that only focuses on street locations can bring in $5,000 a month.  However, expanding to events and catering can increase that number if you choose wisely.

  • Offer fundraising opportunities to charities, schools and local non-profit organizations
  • Cater kids’ and adult birthday parties, family gatherings, weddings, and school fairs/events
  • Sign up for local events that include outdoor concerts, parades, festivals, fairs

The days of the jingling ice cream food trailer has changed to a new, more profitable mobile business.  We, at Concession Nation, are excited to give you the best food trailer with the right layout to give your business a chance to have a double scoop of success.  Our experts are waiting to start planning your layout and equipment.  Don’t forget to think about that custom wrap to showcase your branding and create excitement about your delicious menu.

Why should Concession Nation build your Ice Cream Truck?

Concession Nation has expertly designed food trucks and concession trailers for a variety of businesses. Let us create a unique and breathtaking ice cream trucks that will make you stand out from the crowd. Call Us Now!

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