A food truck fire suppression is always recommended.

What is a fire suppression system?

A fire suppression unit is an emergency extinguishing system in which nozzles are placed under the commercial hood over each piece of cooking equipment with an open flame (steam table exempt) if the temperature exceeds a certain amount (normally 450-500) a dry liquid powdered chemical will be dispersed and the gas will automatically be shut-off. This system also comes with a K-class fire extinguisher.

Local Health Department

Even if your local health inspector tells you that you are not required to have a food truck fire suppression system check with the fire marshal, he has higher jurisdiction than an inspector. Non remember if you choose not to have this unit installed and you travel out of your local area or into another state where it is required and mandatory, you will not be permitted to open and in turn will now be closed down before the event has even opened. Therefore you not only lose the money you would have made for the weekend but you would also lose your entrance fee. So to put it shortly, choosing not to have fire suppression could cost you a lot more than anticipated.

“Even though compared to regular diners or restaurants food trucks include fewer hazardous cooking equipment, food trucks still present the same danger of ignition. A kitchen fire is one of the major reasons for fire outbreaks in the restaurant business industry. Not only there is already an open fire involved in the process of preparation of most foods, simple misuse or negligent handling can lead to the ignition of surrounding surfaces. In addition, cooking often suggests using various oils, fats, and other easily flammable substances that can be spilled over different surfaces and help the potential fire spread. To ensure a rapid reaction in such scenarios, food industry professionals started to use automatic fire suppression systems. When some of the food spaces started traveling on wheels, fire suppression systems evolved to fulfill their duty inside food trucks as well.” Read more…

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