Air Conditioner vs. Make-Up Air

In order to make the best decision of what you should have in your mobile kitchen when it comes to Air Conditioner or Make-Up Air you should evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of each. Also keep in mind, the usual weather conditions where you will be operating.

  • The air conditioner is nice when the food truck or trailer’s windows and doors are closed and the hood is not turned on. So if you are prepping food before you open for business, it is going to feel nice and cold. However, once you turn on the hood, turn on the cooking equipment and have the windows opened, the air conditioner will go out, and heat from the outside is going to come in. To aid with this, you can use table top fans or portable blower and the make-up airs. It is going to be hot in a kitchen when you are working, that is a fact and a reality that you cannot escape, unfortunately. Think about home, if you have a sliding door near your kitchen and you leave them open and it is hot outside, usually the inside is not so cold anymore.
  • The benefits of make-up air are that the 2,250 CFM pulls outside air into the air at very high pressure to circulate air at all times. It extracts smoke and heat from the kitchen to the outside. If you operate in a warm weather, this could be a disadvantage because when it brings air in, it will be at the current outside temperature.
  • You might consider having one Air Conditioner and one Make up air.
  • Another thing to remember is that air conditioners have higher electrical requirements than make up airs, therefore, depending on the electrical equipment already on your order, you might need to upgrade to a more powerful generator, which means you will spend more money.


Air Conditioner Approximate Starting Watts Approximate Running Watts
13,500 BTU 2,800W-3,000W 1,500W-2,000W
15,000 BTU 3,300W-3,500W 1,300W-1,800W


  • Yes, you can include a bathroom inside your mobile kitchen. Make sure you communicate with your salesman to include it in your proposal and your floor plan. It can be a regular or fancier bathroom, your taste, your budget, you decide!


Your food truck or concession trailer must shelves, cabinets and storage. You may even request a storage room or pantry room, as long as you have room for it.


Cold Package

  • You may want to add a cold package, if necessary. It includes two heat blankets for the two water tanks and outside pipes insulation.
  • Also, ask us about the extreme cold package.


  • Commercial rubber flooring – most popular, seamless look, heavy duty, easy to clean.
  • Diamond plated flooring – aluminum panels, not seamless, shiny look that fades away with time.
  • Sure Grip flooring – most durable, seamless look, professional and commercial, much thicker (1/4 in), excellent quality, also more expensive.
  • Starboard Sub floor available, upon request – great for all weather and has lifetime warranty.

Interior Walls Design for Concession Trailers & Food Trucks

  • Choose from many different interior colors for your walls (i.e. white, ivory, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, aluminum, pepsi blue, xtreme green).
  • Add a custom wrap to accentuate one of the walls, doors, or equipment and create a unique look.

Your food truck or concession trailer must have a 3 compartment sink and hank sink. See the pictures below for options. You can have the standard and most economical, or you may request the custom cabinetry to enclose the bottom and have a more refined look. You can also alter the size or request a corner one if you have a small space. You may want to add a pre-rinse faucet to your hand sink or your 3 compartment sink. You decide according to your needs and budget.

Also, you may think about adding an outside or outdoor sink in your concession trailer or food truck for easy access for customers to wash their hands.

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