The playground is suddenly empty, toys carelessly discarded, balls left bouncing by themselves. From all directions kids are running wild, frenetically chasing after a hypnotizing tune.  We’ve all seen it, lived it, remember it.  The ice cream truck is a food trailer classic.  Now, like so many of the things we loved as kids, this mobile kitchen pioneer is getting an upgrade and sweets of all kinds have found their way to the concession food truck: cookies, waffles, pretzels, crepes, ice cream, gelato, gourmet desserts and many more.

Whatever your sweet of choice, you can take advantage of the convenience and mobility of a dessert trailer or dessert food truck and bring your specialties to sweet craving customers everywhere. Let Concession Nation be your tooth fairy and help make your culinary fantasy a sweet tasting reality by contacting us about our dessert trucks for sale.  Our gallery below showcases a few of the customized dessert trucks and dessert concession trailers we have built for our clients.

Custom Display for concession trailer
POW Concession Trailer
Wicked Good Cupcakes Food Truck
Wicked Good cupcakes display
Wicked Good Cupcakes Truck

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