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8×28 Smoker Trailer

8×28 Smoker Trailer

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BBQ! The most mouth-watering 3-letter combination in the English language. Whether brisket, spare ribs or pulled pork, there is no debate, top-5-reasonsif you are a meat lover, the sound of these three letters is finger licking good.  And that is about all we can agree on, with a raging debate over which region makes the best barbecue, which meat to use, wood to burn, unique rub to season  with or sauce to slather.

Wherever your loyalties lay, one thing is for sure, the best way to share your unique flavor signature with as many customers as possible in the most interactive and responsive way is with your own custom designed smoker trailer.  With your own BBQ smoker trailer you can be sure to cook for hundreds at a time and go to where meat loving, carnivorous crowds gather.

Our gallery showcases uniquely designed BBQ Smoker trailers for sale. We are the leader in our industry, and we dare you find another company that has built as many smoker trailers as we have. Call us now to get you a quote for a unique smoker trailers.

What to Look for When Buying a BBQ Smoker Trailer?

This article is for the person we see looking to purchase a BBQ smoker trailer. This individual wants a business centered on smoked BBQ. They’ve defined their business model, but they don’t know the trailer specs they need. If this is you, read on.

Define Your BBQ Smoker Trailer or Food Truck Needs

Define your needs. What is your target audience? What will your menu be? How many do you expect to serve? How many people will you have on your crew? What is your budget?

Cooking Workflow

The basic BBQ Smoker kitchen has the following:

  • BBQ Smoker. Decide if you want this unit inside the kitchen, on an open porch, or on an enclosed porch.
  • BBQ Grill. Included within the kitchen.
  • Steam Table. It consists of 2-4 basins that hold hot food.
  • Cold Table. Holds cold sides.
  • Proofing/Warming Cabinet. Holds your smoked meat at temperature.
  • Refrigeration.

Additional options might be:

  • Sandwich Prep Station. For sandwich toppings and sauces.
  • Cookline. To do up french-fries or grill burgers.
  • Soda Fountain or Drinks Fridge.
  • Extra Storage.

Service Workflow

Will you need multiple serving windows? Or do you simply want one window?

Decide on BBQ Smoker Model and Size

How big do you want your smoker to be? They come up to 81-inches, 7-feet tall.

Each brand offers certain features. Pro tip: The larger the model number, the more meat that can be smoked at one time. Choose a commercial grade smoker versus residential or competition grade.

How You Should Compare BBQ Smoker Trailer or Food Truck Costs and Quality

The difference in cost may indicate a difference in quality. When assessing the company you’ll hire to build your BBQ smoker trailer, make sure to compare each line item carefully. Are they truly equal?

Every design element may have subtle differences that impact cost and quality. For instance, company A may be using a cargo trailer for the frame, which is more lightweight and inexpensive. Company B may use heavy-duty steel frames to offer more quality.

Look for quality components constructed by properly certified individuals. Don’t go with a budget company that self-builds everything using improper materials. You may find yourself violating health codes or working in a death trap.

Expect Expert Customer Service

Look for an expert company willing to explain their design strategy. We have a representative in-house who ran his own successful multi-million dollar mobile-kitchen enterprise for years. He goes above and beyond to try and educate our clients. He’ll explain why you’d want to include something, why we do things a certain way, and what happens if we don’t.

Ready to design your BBQ smoker trailer or food truck?

Call us now at 888-390-4479.

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