You can take advantage of the convenience and mobility of a donuts trailer to bring your delicious treats to sweet-craving customers everywhere. Let Concession Nation be your “tooth fairy” and build the donuts food truck or trailer of your dreams.


Donut Trailers & Donut Trucks

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Why Entrepreneurs Buy Donut Trailers?

Donuts Origin

The origin of donuts is linked to several countries and cultures. While the history of the donut in the United States is relatively short, people have been making similar treats in different parts of the world for centuries. For instance, in medieval times, Arabs dipped fried dough into sugary syrup to make some form of a donut.  These early forms of donuts were also common in ancient Greece and Rome. Germans made a savory version of donuts in the 1400s. It is believed that Dutch people introduced the first oily cakes (early form of donuts) in the US in the early 1800s. The fried, oily cakes were quite similar to modern-day donuts except they lacked a hole. In the Netherlands, these cakes were mostly consumed during the Christmas season. No one can pinpoint the exact origin of modern-day donuts but historians credit Hanson Crockett Gregory with creating the modern donut-hole shape.

Today, donuts are everywhere, and they still look like the first delicious cakes that Dutch Pilgrims brought into the country.

Famous Donut Franchise Adds a Mobile Kitchen

There is no doubt that an increasing number of food businesses are starting to realize the benefits of setting up a mobile food business service. Today, food trailers and trucks are on high demand more than ever before, and donuts are on the top of this list. The rise in demand can be attributed to the many benefits they offer, such as low operational costs, increased mobility, and high profitability.

Dunkin’ Donuts, a worldwide donut franchise which operates in 36 countries, added a mobile kitchen to its collection. You may be wondering why such a popular restaurant franchise with global presence would want a food truck. Well, the truth is that innovative restaurateurs continue to see the high ROI of combining a traditional brick and mortar food outlet with a food trailer. Adding a food truck to its collection presented Dunkin’ Donuts with a wide range of exciting promotional opportunities to reach more customers. A food truck or trailer provides you with a perfect opportunity to organize PR events, outdoor catering, and run successful social media marketing campaigns.

Making Donut Trailers Successful

It is no secret that donuts are loved by many Americans. Therefore, it is not a big surprise that donut shops are thriving in the country.  However, with the ever-changing consumer needs, you must think outside the brick and mortar box to run a successful donut shop business. Entrepreneurs are competing with the franchise giant by going mobile and even sourcing local.

With a donut concession trailer, you can sell your donuts to people in weddings, corporate gatherings, fundraisers, sporting events, birthdays, holiday parties, and even family reunions.

Be sure to choose your preferred locations carefully to get the most profitable returns. Food trailers offer you the much-needed convenience to help customers get to you faster.

Design and Build Your Donut Trailer with Concession Nation

Concession Nation has expertly designed food trucks and concession trailers for many businesses. Let us create a unique and breath-taking food truck that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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