Concession Nation is a reputable food truck builder and concession trailer builder since 2006. Our extensive and elite clientele speaks for itself. We are the industry mobile kitchen builder leader, and if you take a moment to go through our website you will find that you will not need to keep looking elsewhere.

If you want to see food trucks for sale and concession trailers for sale you can  shop by sizes, budget, styles and layouts, you will find suggestions that work to operate a successful kitchen on wheels. We have included affordable and competitive pricing in many of our builds to give you an overall idea of how much a concession trailer for sale cost, or how much a food truck cost. We have many videos and have many galleries which you will find most useful to help you with what you are looking for. Most importantly, our builds top quality and our customer service and technical support will make you feel like you are not alone when it comes to learning about your new mobile business.

Concession Nation has a vast clientele with many repeat customers, make sure you visit our gallery to see for yourself. As of January 2023, we have built 29 trailers for Acai Express Franchise in Puerto Rico, 22 food trucks and trailers for the U.S. military (Army, Air Force & Navy), 20 Wetzel’s Pretzels Food Trucks, 11 Sodexo (which includes Centerplate), 6 Focus Brands which include Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Jamba Juice and Cinnabon, 6 Peachwave Yogurt trailers. We have built for 30 schools, colleges and universities in the country. We have built for over 37 different franchise names.  We even had the opportunity to build a fleet of 20 Google Food Trucks.

We build around 150 jobs per year, and take pride in each food truck and concession trailer we make. We enjoy featuring many of these in our YouTube channel and love to follow the success of our customers on social media.


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Latest Trailer Video posted...

Latest Food Truck Video posted...

Food trucks and trailers are convenient for many reasons. First, it is more economical to invest in a food truck or concession trailer‚ than it is to build a brick and mortar restaurant. With lower barriers of entry and lower initial capital investment‚ it is easier and faster to bring your unique concept to fruition. Second‚ mobility means you have room for trial and error to find the best spot to reach the greatest amount of customers and makes you more nimble to react to other competitors. Third‚ it adds excitement to your location.

The mobile cuisine industry has seen consistent double digit growth over the last 7 years as consumers have shifted their taste to unique gourmet cuisine at budget conscious prices. The mobile kitchen allows you to connect with your customer base through social media as customers can be easily made aware of your location and new menu choices. More importantly‚ studies show that when customers encounter a cluster of food trucks or trailers‚ 3 out of 4 customers purchase food from multiple vendors. This creates a more interactive and dynamic eating experience that can not be simulated by brick and mortar food service establishments.


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Concession Nation’s customized food trucks and trailers have been seen on ABC, NBC, CNN, Food Network and the Cooking Channel.
best-price-guaranteedThe food trailer and truck business is booming and we pride ourselves on being an industry leader worldwide. If you are asking yourself why you should buy a food truck from Concession Nation, it is simple – we do not only design, we create. Our work is completely customized. Your vision for a mobile food business is sure to exceed your expectations.

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