There is no greater form of compliment than to witness the expression on our customers’ faces the first time they lay eyes on their brand new Concession Nation Food Truck or Food Trailer. See for yourself… A picture paints a thousand words. Hear firsthand the priceless accolades given to us by our valued customers. These testimonials speak volumes to our reputation as catering trailer manufacturers and food truck builders. We are so proud to share their experiences with you!

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Happy Customers

Let’s face it, no need for words!


Aron and Monica

“Our truck arrived a little before 11:00 this morning! Thank you so much for all the work and collaboration it took to get the truck here on time! We are very grateful for the great work on the truck. It looks awesome and everyone is greatly impressed! I have attached a few pictures of it parked out front of our offices. I’ll see if I can get a picture of our team with the truck to send you. Again, thank you very, very much! “

Melody Spositi A&E Brand Designer, Pizza Hut

“Hey guys. Barb just gave me your FB site, it has been 3 successful years since we purchased our trailer from CN and we could not be happier! There may be other companies that advertise what you do but cannot compete in the professionalism and courtesy that was extended to our new business. I have sent a festival photo of us and some pics of our menu. Hope you get hungry for some BBQ!”

Randy & Barbara Klein, Big R BQ Michigan

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“I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your entire team for the results of the build out on our Pita Pit food trailer. We received it on time and in perfect condition at our depot in Norfolk and will open on time. Your guidance and results will be big part of this success. My partner Buzz told me the Navy people who have seen the trailer are very excited about how good it looks both inside and out. It is our hope that we will expand this idea to other areas and my plan is to use Concession Nation to build them.”

Alan, The Pita Pit

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“It’s been almost two years since we purchased our concession trailer from you guys and we must say it was the right choice. We searched two years for a trailer manufacture that would meet our needs for the type of business we wanted to start. Concession Nation was far more ahead of the industry than anyone else that we saw both in quality and price. Other companies would use already made cargo units and convert them where the customers would have to purchase their own equipment and so on to put inside, which by the time it was completed it was very costly and not near the quality as one would get from your factory, you guys do it all right there. We had the pleasure of meeting some of your team at the factory; they were very friendly and instrumental in giving the customers what they wanted. A beautiful, fully functional, concession trailer, which we are very proud to own. Alex and Monica you guys go out of your way to please and make sure your customers are happy with your product, which says a lot…”

Walter & Karen Rodriguez, Papa Rod’s Burritos

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“I am sending you this letter to tell you how pleased I am with the food truck you built for me, Lucille’s on Wheels. We have been operating for about 5 months now and have experienced zero problems with anything on the truck. It is a testament to your experience and professionalism that everything has worked so well. Even the generator, a major issue for many trucks, has performed flawlessly…”

Craig C. Larson, President Lucille’s Bad to the Bone BBQ

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“Concession Nation definitely has a Gold Star in our book! This company has exceeded all of our expectations and more. We are thankful to have chosen Concession Nation to build us a customized trailer which is functional and beautiful. Their knowledge, dedication, teamwork and input made the creation of our trailer a seamless task. They are by far the most knowledgeable professional company I have come across, who understands their business and the customer. Our trailer looks fantastic outside and inside. Concession Nation took a drawing and turned our vision into a working piece of art and beauty…”

Robert Chester, Golden Corral

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“I recently represented and guided our company though the design, out-fitting and purchase of a 28 foot unit from Concession Nation. I cannot express enough, how smooth the entire process went. From the initial conversation with Keith to the sit down and design process with Alex the project moved impressively quick and seamless. Once the final plans were approved and deposits accepted, I was amazed at the speed and intensity by which the entire Concession Nation production team executed their respective tasks. From the bare bones empty floored trailer to the fit and finish of the final product, with its gleaming stainless steel walls, floor and ceiling, we could not be happier with the end result…”

Guy Flick, Vice President Operations Captain D’s, LLC

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“I first spoke with Concession Nation at about 8:15 am back in August 2009, and informed Mr. Keith Brown that I had an important project that was way behind schedule and it needed to be completed soon. “How soon?” Keith asked, “12 days” I replied…”that’s impossible, but we can make it happen”, was the response I got. It was at that moment, I knew I had found the right company…from the intricate planning of the kitchen, like all Quiznos’ stores, down to the final 2 days of work in which we all worked 18 hour days and that was on top of me (making changes several times, I may add). The trailer was not only finished on time but was delivered at our headquarters in Colorado 2 days later…”

David Gladstone, VP of Operations, Quiznos

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“I am writing this letter to say how thankful i am for coming to Concession Nation to have my unit built. I looked for 3 years for a good and qualified builder who was not trying to just get a dollar out of me and at the same time find price and quality. From the first phone call to the time of pickup I can not complain. I was able to work hand in hand with Keith and Alex. I was also facing a tough health department inspection in my area, requirements that no one in the industry was able to meet. I was able to change designs layouts with concession nation many times before the final design was achieved. Very helpful throughout the process and not once was there hesitation from Keith or Alex on achieving this task. Since the purchase and delivery of my unit i have had small problems. Keith has been there every time helping me get things right and fixed even when manufactures gave me the runaround. I am so glad to have waited until finding Concession Nation. I am glad to say i am doing well with my unit and i get No problems from health or fire inspections. With all this said I was able to pass the first time on my inspections here in the Wake County,NC area. Health Inspectors were so pleased with the workmanship, they decided to make a video on the way a Mobile Food Unit should be built. I thank Keith and Alex for the opportunity to do business with them.”

Daniel Henley, “Dan’s Dog’s”

“Just a quick blog here to praise our Concession Nation experience. When we first got to Concession Nation all we had was a concept and a dream. Alex Alvarez, Keith Brown and the entire manufacturing team quickly turned our concept and dream into our concession trailer reality. What happened along the way was the best display of know how and professionalism we have ever seen. From Satellite TV to computerize to last minute changes Concession nation handled it all with no sweat! In these days of lousy customer service being the norm it’s so nice to know places like Concession Nation still exist! CDJ Concessions highest enthusiastic recommendation goes to Concession Nation!!!”

Catherine and David Johnson, CDJ Concessions

“If you’re looking to buy a concession trailer, Concession Nation is the place to go. Alex did a great job at designing and building my trailer. When I took delivery of it I could not believe my eyes. Keith took me under his wing and showed me the ins and outs of the concessions business even before taking delivery of my trailer. Just all around great guys to work with.”

Ed Baroutjian

“Hello my name is JP Monmart from Ontario, Canada. I purchased 2 trailers from the state of Florida, the last one a 24 foot totally designed by me for my French fry business. Alexander & Keith came true with pretty well everything I requested especially when it was all done by e-mails and phone calls. The only problem is distance. I just can’t take the trailer down to fix little problems but I am sure these 2 guys would take care of them. Be very specific especially if you are ordering a custom made trailer .Quality is great, service is great.”

J.P Monmart

Dear Keith & Alex, I would like to convey my most sincere gratitude for all of the help that I have received from the both you.

The support that you and your company has given to me and my partner has been so valuable that money can’t buy.
I have been in the restaurant business for 40 years and the knowledge you and Alex have about the Concession business is beyond reproach from custom design for trailers to helping to set to the right menu for success and profit.
I can’t think of any other place that I would go to for all of my concession needs.

For me Concession Nation is the best there is.

John J.Flaherty, Executive Chef/Owner, RonJohn Catering Services Inc. Orlando, FL.

In April of 2009 I drove from Oregon to Miami to pick up my new concession trailer from Concession Nation.
I found a hard working bunch of men working amidst the commotion of welding, grinding and securing of kitchen appliances inside of trailers,
each at various stages of completion.

I was about as far from Oregon as you can get in North America, so I was gratified to find no surprises, either in quality or in pricing.

After inspection and signing of documents we hooked up my trailer and I prepared for launch back to Oregon. Just as I was about to pull out of the facility Keith said to me, “Remember, We are not here just to build your trailer. We’re here to support you in the future.”

Flash forward with me to November, back in Oregon. We had a surprise cold snap. It was supposed to get down to 26 degrees F, but that night it got down to 6 degrees F. ( That’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I had failed to drain the water from my trailer as I should have, and by my own negligence the freeze destroyed two faucets inside my trailer.

I called Keith, and he told me he would send the faucets free of charge. I said “Keith, nothing in life is free,” to which Keith replied, “This is. I told you we would be here to support you.”

In summation: food service is as hard as you’ve always heard. You probably are going to need help from time to time. Keith and Alex seem to understand that these trailers are as much about the dream of being one’s own boss and self sufficiency as about food preparation. To that end, I have no hesitation in saying that Keith and Alex and Concession Nation will be there for you as they have been for me……….

Guy Crump, Healthy2go

“I recently purchased a concession trailer from Concession Nation and found the entire experience to be both professional and painless. Having been in the food and beverage business for 20 years, this was my first venture into the mobile food concession business. After much research on the Internet and many calls around the country to vendors, I choose Concession Nation to purchase my unit from and was relieved to find that I had chosen wisely. Every phone call and question was answered in a timely and helpful manner. More importantly, my unit was delivered on time and functioned as promised. Concession Nation is a throw back to the era of American companies that produce a very good product and stand behind their promises. I look forward to my next purchase from Concession Nation.”

Damian Bohager

All we could say is “WOW” It was a long drive from Ohio to South Florida but very much worth the time, We did not know what to expect, We soon found out that this was a 1st class operation with the nicest people you could ever meet. This was our biggest life change event we have ever had, Both of us left our factory jobs in June of 2018 to pursue our dream of being self employed, Is what we are saying is that if you need a dreaming partner concession nation is a wonderful dream partner, From start to finish they were there every step of the way, The quality is unmatched, Attention to detail along with keeping us in budget.
So if you are looking to change your life… Get in touch with these guys and they will help you do it!
We would like to Thank everyone at concession nation again for their great work and dedication!!

Roger and Nichole Davis, Nikki D`s Gourmet Burgers, Fries and Shakes