Food trucks and concession trailers are inherently social.  They gather in densely populated areas, lead to communal eating and rely on social media and word of mouth to spread their business.  Did I mention that 47% of millennials have eaten at a food truck or concession food trailer and 88% are interested in trying new food experiences? (Technomic).  In other words, concession food trucks and university campuses are a match made in foodie Heaven!

The school food trucks culture is a reflection of the values of the Millennial Generation.  It places a premium on individualized experiences over the mass produced, relies on social media to interact with the community and allows for easy feedback.  The arrival of a custom made college food truck or concession trailer on campus will further foster the engaged, communal spirit unique to college campuses while creating a new gathering spot to sample diverse, delicious dishes that will keep the student body happy and well fed.

Which schools already own a food truck or food trailer?

University of Arizona

Battle Creek Public Schools

Columbia Public Schools

Crosby High School

El Paso Community College

Farmingdale School District

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

Francis Howell School District

Georgia Southern University

Louisiana State University (LSU)

Michigan Technological University

Navajo Technical College

Penn State University


Richmond Community Schools

Selwyn School

Southern New Hampshire University

Sutter County Superintendent of Schools

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Travis Unified School District

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Vernon Public School

Woodward Academy

Yorktown Huskers Club

Zuni Public School District

K-12 schools, High schools and Colleges are Welcoming Food trucks.

Most school districts are including a food truck purchase in their budget because they are convinced of the benefits. Unlike, a conventional kitchen that is in a building, a food truck can move around to where it is most needed on campus or at outside events.

  • Food trucks have the potential to boost nutrition. Food trucks offer a fresh menu, prepared and cooked onsite. Also, these menus can vary as deemed necessary or upon demand. It encourages creative dishes and fusion menus.
  • There is a cheerful atmosphere that surrounds food trucks attracting a crowd to socialize and mingle while enjoying delicious food.
  • For colleges campuses, it is very convenient for students who do not want to go to the cafeteria to make long lines and are simply tired of eating the same food. It is quick and easy to get a bite between classes.
  • Food trucks can be a marketing tool to promote the school.
  • They are most definitely a very cool way to increase revenue at the school sport events or fundraisers.
  • Food trucks can be used as a culinary & business course, teaching students how to cook and operate a food truck.

Concession Nation is the preferred food truck builder for a vast number of schools. Our portfolio displays many of the food trucks and food trailers built for the school system all over the country. If you are looking for a food truck for sale or food trailer for sale, call Concession Nation and we can help you with your food truck design, including the exterior graphics.

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