Mobile Greenhouse

Mobile Greenhouse

In 2019 Concession Nation built their first mobile green house for Boston Cityscapes.

Since 1992, Cityscapes has provided fresh and distinctive interiorscape solutions to Boston’s leading hotels and corporate facilities. Cityscapes’ focus is on enriching your environment through biophilic design and the power of plants to make a lasting impact on everyone who enters your space.

In 2021 Concession Nation has built another superb mobile greenhouse for Bayside Garden Center. This spectacular 16’ truck will be the talk of the town in Wisconsin.

Bayside Garden Center began as a small flower stand on the side of the road out of a small home in Bayside, Wisconsin. Since its humble beginnings in the 1950s, Bayside Garden Center has grown into a full-service garden center, dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services. Bayside Garden Center is a one stop shop for all home and gardening needs. They’ve been growing beautiful plants in Bayside for over 68 years.

It has beautiful custom flooring, led lighting, an eye-catching glass roof, outside lighting, and a beautiful custom wrap.  If you are in the market for a mobile greenhouse, call Concession Nation today!!

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