Unlike a food truck or concession trailer, a full-size kitchen container does not move. The container will be picked up by a crane from Concession Nation and positioned on flat-bed truck or RGN and transported to its final destination. Then, you will need a crane to lift it from the truck and position it at its final location. The full-size kitchen container sizes varies in length, the one shown above is 40 ft. long. The standard width is 8 ft and the height about 8.5 ft.

Concession Nation can help you with the layout of your kitchen container to ensure you have an efficient flow with the cooking equipment, cooling equipment, prep and work tables, sinks, etc. We can also assist you to determine what kind of equipment you will need based on your menu and expected volume. Your commercial kitchen will be built according to your local health department codes to ensure you have an operational unit onsite.

Full-Size Kitchen Container

Full size kitchen for a 30' container


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