Corporations that have expanded with Food Trucks

The food truck and concession food trailer phenomenon has caught the attention of corporations nationwide.  Consumers have shifted their tastes towards more individualized, interactive experiences that are seamlessly woven into their social lives online.  The mobile kitchen ethos is a perfect fit.  Corporate food trucks and concession trailers offer many benefits.  They provide a variety of unique gourmet dishes, they create a communal eating environment and foment a more social and responsive interaction between consumers and vendors.  Concession Nation is honored to have built custom made corporate food trucks and concession trailers for some of the best known names in corporate America looking to enhance the gastronomical experience of their employees and clients.  From AT&T, BubbaBurger, Centerplate, Sodexo and many more, we are proud to have helped our clients join the corporate food catering truck and mobile kitchen revolution. Our gallery below showcases a few of the custom built corporate food catering trucks and concession trailers we have created for our corporate clients.

Gallery - Food Trucks
Off the Grid Food Truck

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