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Bimbo’s out of MN, reached out to Concession Nation to build an 8×26 pizza trailer. Bimbo’s has a family operated brick & mortar  restaurant that started in 1967, that expanded their business going mobile in 2018. They’re known for their world famous pizza and chicken wings.

On Beautiful Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC  is where you’ll find Apps & Taps – a long time favorite area of the locals. They serve some of the best Smoked Wings , Ribs, BBQ, Flatbread Pizzas,Wraps and Seafood, praised for the freshest quality of foods.  In 2020, they reached out to Concession Nation to expand their existing restaurant business with a pizza trailer.

Claysburg Pizza is a Christian family owned restaurant that prides on great customer service and to provide fresh and fast food. Claysburg Pizza was established in 1959.  They teamed up with Concession Nation in 2018 to build an awesome 8×24 pizza trailer. Not only do they have a restaurant but some of their food can be found in grocery stores, and they also have apparel you can purchase through their website.

Crosby’s was built by Concession Nation in 2018. This cool 8×20 pizza trailer has a four deck LP Peerless oven that will cook four pizzas at a time. Under the 8′ hood it has fryers, a griddle, and six burner stove to make yummy pasta sauce. It also includes a refrigerator. freezer, work tables for prepping , a steam table, and two serving windows.

Fast Eddie’s, located out of NY has been working on getting a pizza trailer since 2017. Their dream finally became a reality in 2019 when Concession Nation built an amazing 8×20 pizza trailer. The customer provided their own used marble top prep. They also have Peerless 2324 P LP oven that holds 8 16” pizzas at a time. From the video above it also has refrigeration, under the 9′ hood there are fryers, and a four burner. It has plenty of work space for pizza prepping.

De Lorenzo’s reached out to Concession Nation in 2018 to build a stellar 8×18 Pizza Trailer to add to their business expansion from their brick & mortar. The De Lorenzo Family has served their award winning pizza recipe for over 75 years. They specialize in a perfected pizza pie recipe that’s been passed down for three generations.

Georgia Southern University partnered up with Concession Nation in 2017 to build a massive 8×32 pizza trailer. Their trailer provides dining options for their faculty and students, and their experience will compliment the lifestyle changes of their guests. They strive to make those accommodations by offering affordable dining options tailored to their dietary needs.

The Original LoPresti's Pizza & Grill

The Original Lo Presti’s restaurant, located in NJ, reached out to Concession Nation in 2019 to build an incredible 8×20 trailer to expand their business. Their restaurant has been in business for over 25 years; and were named by Food Network as one of the “best food venues on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.” Their beautiful trailer included a ramp door, a Garland 63″ double air deck pizza oven, R.G.B. lighting, and so much more. Lo Presti’s is a knockout trailer.

The Rolling Dough Express located in CT, teamed up with Concession Nation in 2014 to build a fantastic 8×22 pizza trailer. Their trailer included a massive Peerless Oven with four stone hearth decks. Under their 5′ hood included a griddle and fryers. The trailer also included plenty of work table space, a pizza prep station, and refrigeration.

Pizza Creek partnered with Concession Nation in 2015 to build a fantastic 8×20 pizza trailer. When the South African owner was a chef for pizzerias in Sao Paulo/Brazil he decided to branch and start his own business. Pizza Creek has multiple locations in South Africa, Brazil, and two locations in the United States; Los Angeles and Miami. They have over 25 flavors of pizzas that you can choose from. Over 250,00 of their pizzas are consumed on a monthly basis.

That’s Amore had their sweet 8×18 pizza trailer built by Concession Nation in 2015. They are located in TX bringing a taste of New York style Italian pizza to the south. Their trailer includes an awesome LP Bakers Pride Super Deck Y Series Lightening Double Deck 60″ pizza oven, a pizza prep station, work tables, refrigeration, and a 42″ TV.

Sports Page teamed up with Concession Nation in 2014 to build a spectacular 8×28 pizza trailer. Sports Page has multiple brick & mortar establishments in Florida. Their trailer included a Lincoln Impinger II Single Belt Conveyor / Pizza Oven, refrigeration, work tables, a generator, and a 42″ TV.

Westshore Pizza reached out to Concession Nation in 2016 to build an awesome 8×26 pizza trailer. Located in FL, Westshore was found in the year of 1994. Since then the company has expanded in over 10 locations. It has about 31 stores in the Tampa area and a location in Ohio.


Wheely Kosher Pizza reached out to Concession Nation in 2019 to build a really cool 8×22 pizza trailer. It’s a family owned and operated trailer that’s located in South Florida. It has a huge Triple Conveyor “Lincoln” Impinger oven, fryer, refrigeration, plenty of shelving, work tables, a bun sheet pan rack, generator, and a beautiful custom full wrap.

Pizza Trailers vs. Brick Oven Trailers

Our pizza oven trailers will allow you to serve Americans their favorite pie and make lots of money in the process. “Americans consume an enormous amount of pizza. Running the numbers with market analysts & industry spokesmen can set the mind to reeling. Those who track the business say pizza is a $40 billion industry in the U.S., 97% of us eat it regularly, to the tune of 2.1 slices a sitting.”  – The New York Times (by Sam Sifton) Concession Nation - Pizza Trailers

Pizza is America’s favorite pie! With over $40 billion in revenues and 3 billion pizzas sold annually, it is no surprise that 94% of Americans say they eat pizza regularly (Harris Poll).

Today, it is hard to imagine a birthday party or football Sunday without it. Pizza is universally loved! It is the preferred comfort food of adults nationwide, but no one loves it more than children, who choose it as their go to lunch and dinner favorite above all else (Survey Monkey poll). Our love affair with pizza is such that Americans consume more than 350 slices per second.

With such insatiable appetite for the cheesy pie, you can rest assured to have a never ending supply of pizza lovers looking to satisfy their cravings and there is no better way to reach them than with your own custom designed mobile pizza trailer.

Our gallery showcases some of the unique pizza oven trailers we have built for our clients. Check out these pizza oven trailers or contact us at Concession Nation to discover custom options for our pizza trailers.

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