1. To place any order we require 50% deposit via check, cashier check or wire transfer. A 50% final payment is due upon completion before the trailer or food truck leaves our facility.
  2. The Company will provide a Bill of Sale and Certificate of Origin for the trailer or Certificate of Title for the truck; however, the Company does not provide a title transfer. Upon request and at least seven (7) days notice, the Company may mail to the customer a Bill of Sale and Certificate of Origin in advance so the customer can register the trailer at a tag agency before picking it up. In that event: (1) The customer must pay the invoice in full before Concession Nation issues the Bill of Sale. (2) The customer will be responsible to pay for sales tax upon registration at its state prior to picking up the trailer and must provide proof of paid sales tax to the Company. Per the State of Florida Department of Revenue, if the customer picks up the vehicle in Florida, then we must collect the sales tax, unless customer provides proof of paid sales tax upon registration before picking up the vehicle. By no means, the sales tax is avoided; it is either paid in Florida while taking possession of the vehicle, or paid upon registration at the customer’s state. The Company can issue the customer temporary tag and registration. The customer must provide proof of insurance (from Florida or home state), proof of out of state residency such as a driver license, and sales tax in the amount required by your home state must be paid.
  3. Upon purchasing, you will receive our full set of documentation that about How you can inspect your food truck/trailer; Disclosures; Product Guide; and Warranty, Terms & Conditions. You may also request it ahead of time.

These terms & conditions may not be copied or reproduced without our expressed written consent. All rights reserved by Concession Nation, Inc.

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