For over a century the U.S. Government has been utilizing mobile kitchens to feed American soldiers. The “field kitchen” ‚ as it was known during WWI and WWII‚ was instrumental in boosting morale and providing warm meals to American soldiers. A hundred years later, we are proud to provide our soldiers around the world with diverse and tasty menu choices. Concession Nation is the preferred vendor of the U.S. Army‚ the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy. We have built food trailers for the U.S. Army Base in South Korea‚ the U.S. Army Base in Fort Lewis‚ WA and the Patrick Air Force Base in Brevard County‚ FL. Our food trailers have travelled as far as the U.S. Embassy in Malabo‚ Equatorial Guinea.


When Eighth Army leaders were thinking of a method to help Soldiers refuel their bodies after morning physical training sessions, there were numerous issues that had to be solved. Among those challenges was the physical distance between Yongsan Garrison’s single dining facility to the barracks that many single and unaccompanied Soldiers occupy. The solution that came from these discussions was a mobile canteen that spares Soldiers the travel time while allowing them to eat from a healthy menu designed by nutritionists. The first concession trailers built by Concession Nation opened for business on Camp Coiner, an area located in the northernmost area of Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, Korea…coming up with the idea for the “Grab and Go” satellite feeding trailers that look much like the popular food trucks found in many U.S. cities.” Eighth Army Unveils “Grab and Go” Canteen, By Sgt. 1st Class Kevin P. Bell



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