Trying to define American cuisine could be challenging because there are flavors from the melting pot of traditional American cooking techniques mixed with flavors from other cultures. While there seems to be be a popular misconception that hamburgers and hot dogs completely dominate our taste buds, our cuisine has a lot more to offer. There is an abundance of seafood dishes including lobster and clams, and Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole cuisines which are dishes prepared with lots of spicy sauces and seafood. Let’s not forget about America’s breadbasket in the Midwest with seemingly endless corn, soy, and wheat fields. We cannot forego traditional dishes such as turkey and apple pie.

Last, we cannot ignore the fact that the United States is home to a highly diverse population and is therefore influenced by ethnic food particularly with Italian, Mexican & Chinese.


American Cuisine

3-0 Slide

3-0 Slide , located in the beautiful city of Miami  reached out to Concession Nation in 2018 to build a ravishing 22′ food truck. With alluring graphics of the city of Miami, 3-0 slide brings a lot of flavor to Miami with their scrumptious sliders.

American Burrito

American Burrito located in New York has a brick & mortar establishment and wanted to expand with a food truck. Concession Nation built an astonishing 22′ food truck in 2020. At American Burrito you can expect big! Just from looking at their striking graphics, you surely can tell it’ll be a handful and will satisfy every taste bud.

Basin Bayou brought the flavor from Louisiana to Florida in 2017 when they reached out to Concession Nation to build a draw dropping 8×22 trailer.  If you’re into seafood with a Cajun kick then you’re in for a treat. Their graphics are so eye catching it gives off the impression that you’re really in the bayous of Louisiana.

Bubba Burger

Bubba Burger was created in the early 1990’s and is sold nationwide in stores. They’re located in Florida and very popular because of the quality and flavor in each bite. Bubba Burger teamed up with Concession Nation in 2016 to build a smahing 8×34 goose neck trailer and a 22′ food truck.

Burger Fi

Burger Fi was established in 2011, founded by gourmet chefs committed to serving the highest quality fresh food in an eco-friendly environment. Burger Fi is currently one of the fastest growing burger joints in the nation. Burger Fi reached out to Concession Nation in 2020 to build their very first food truck.

Dune Dog

Dune Dog, located in Jupiter, FL teamed up with Concession Nation in 2018 to build an awesome 18′ food truck. Dune Dog opened their first brick & mortar restaurant in 1994. They were successful and opened another brick & mortar.  Their other location is in Stuart, FL. Not only will you enjoy their delicious food, but you can also purchase merchandise from their website.

Flanigan’s 22′ food truck, located in South Florida started in 1959. It’s a laid back family owned restaurant that is one of Florida’s popular restaurants that now has over 20 restaurants. Flanigan’s reached out to Concession Nation in 2014 to build a spectacular 22′ food truck. Talk about amazing! This truck is definitely the talk of the town because of their awesome customization. No wonder they’re #1!

Frankie's Hot Dogs

Frankie’s is an American Family restaurant located in CT, that expanded with a wicked 18′ food truck built by Concession Nation in 2014.  Frankie’s is know for the extra long hot dogs like you see on their food truck. We’re pretty sure it tastes just as good as it looks.

Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit 18′ Food Truck located in the Bay Area of Cali that specializes in handcrafted comfort food. Concession Nation built an amazing food truck for Jack Rabbit in 2016. They’re known for everyone’s favorite mac n cheese and  crispy tater tots. They bring comfort food we all love and enjoy at home to the streets.

Mob Grill

Mob Grill teamed up with Concession Nation to build a knockout 8×24 trailer in 2014. Mob grill is known for their delicious onion burgers. Mob Grill has won numerous awards for their  flavorsome food and have cooked over 132,000 burgers. Now talk about impressive. They can be found in Oklahoma.

Mountain Grille

Mountain Grille, located in VA reached out to Concession Nation in 2016 to build an outstanding 8×26 concession trailer and an 8×28 trailer in 2019.  They are known for their epic and delicious burgers. They’re always on the go and ready to serve hungry customers.

Nichole's Gourmet (Nikki D's)

Nichole’s Gourmet also known as “Nikki D’s”, was built by Concession Nation in 2018.  This spectacular 8×24 concession trailer is fully loaded with fantastic interior and exterior wrapping. It gives off the look of an old fashioned sit in diner. Nikki D’s is located in Ohio serving up yummy shakes, burgers, fries, and more.

Rocky's BBQ

Rocky’s BBQ, located in PA reached out to Concession Nation in 2013 to build a fantastic food truck. Rocky’s went with a 16′ food truck in the beginning because they didn’t have enough for a brick & mortar. After four years of hard work, they successfully opened a brick & mortar in 2017.  All you need is a dream; anything is possible with hard word and dedication.

SMAC Food Truck

SMAC reached out to Concession Nation in 2013 to build an amazing 16′ food truck. SMAC stands for South Carolina Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and they’re located Orlando. Mac ‘n’ cheese is an all time favorite and SMAC brings a little twist and lots of flavor to their custom gourmet dishes. They were nominated for Top 10 Best Food Trucks in Orlando by the Orlando Sentinel.

Smokin Joe's Mobile Diner

Smokin Joe’s Mobile Diner, located in NC partnered with Concession Nation in 2018 to build an impressive 8×20 food trailer. Their diner style custom wrap gives off the feeling of eating in an actual diner. Smokin’ Joe’s brings yummy diner style food to you.

The Express Food Truck

The Express food truck was built by Concession Nation in 2020. This 22′ food truck is definitely jaw dropping with graphics that look like an actual train. Of course they have amazing food to match such an amazing truck. Located in Oklahoma, The Express has won numerous awards with their previous trailer, and will for sure win many more with their new food truck.

How did American Cuisines Begin?

American Cuisine is unique in it’s own way because of the blending of culinary contributions of various groups of people around the world including; indigenous American Indians, African Americans, Asians, Europeans, Pacific Islanders, and Latin Americans.  A lot of ingredients and recipes were introduced by colonists, settlers, and immigrants. Types of American Cuisine includes: hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, BBQ, fried chicken, french fries, macaroni, and so much more!


Why should you get a Food Truck or Concession Trailer?

Food Trucks and Concession Trailers are very popular in today’s society. It’s low in operational costs, you can get very creative with your menu, and you can go to the people and not wait for them to come to you! American cuisines are very popular because there is something for everyone to enjoy. One thing people love when it comes to food is that they want it fresh,  filling, and to make sure it satisfies their taste buds. The food truck business can also be very profitable. If you can cook and it’s delicious, there is no doubt you will succeed.

Why buy from Concession Nation ?

Concession Nation is a trustworthy trailer and food truck builder since 2006. We have earned an elite reputation in the industry and have become a leader in many ways. As a result, we have a lot of repeat business as well as an elite clientele from Google Inc. to hotels, resorts, casinos, schools, military, cities, and so much more, which you can see for yourself in our galleries. We are pleased of our continued promise to improve our quality and workmanship each year. Above all, we offer competitive prices to keep our food trucks and concession trailers affordable.

Concession Nation can custom build your food trailer, as you envision it. We will build it according to your local health department codes, with quality and craftsmanship. We take pride in every build and make sure each is unique and stunning.

Call us or inquire now for more details and let us pursue you, we want your business! Most noteworthy, we can give you a detail proposal with no hidden fees.

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