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Allow yourself to engage in an Asian “taste” adventure as you browse Asian Food trucks for sale. It is a great idea to buy an Asian Food Truck. There are so many different styles within the Asian Cuisine that allow for creative and fun menus. Starting a food truck is one of the best ways to create a successful Asian food business. Also, adding food trailers will benefit your existing restaurant by growing the business in general.

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Asian Cuisine Food Trailer – featuring Tempura Wok

Sula Wok

Sula Wok Concession Trailer
Sula Wok Concession Trailer
Sula Wok Concession Trailer
Sula Wok Concession Trailer
Sula Wok Concession Trailer
Sula Wok Concession Trailer

Why is a good idea to buy an Asian Cuisine Food Truck?

We live in an exciting time for Asian cuisine entrepreneurs. Between 1999 and 2015, sales of Asian fast food rose 135%. As of 2019, there were almost 20 million Asian-Americans in the United States…but wait! You don’t have to have Asian blood to like Asian food. Asian cuisine is very popular and it is no wonder Asian cuisine food trucks are trending.

What Does This Mean for the Concession Trailer Industry?

There is a huge, profitable market for Asian Food Trucks & Trailers

A mobile kitchen offers unique benefits to the Asian cuisine market:

  • Profitability – Full-service restaurants typically run a low 3-5% profit margin. A concession trailer can increase that to 6.1-to-9%.
  • Low Operation Costs – Overhead costs are less.
  • High Demand – Millennials of all ethnicities desire exotic or unexpected food adventures.
  • You can express your gourmet Asian dishes in many creative and unique ways.
  • You can showoff your presentation and plating skills in your menu items.

Different Styles of Asian Food

“Asian cuisine is as big as the continent itself.” There are some common features to the whole, such as the use of rice, ginger, garlic, chilies, soy, etc. As are similar cooking methods.

But then there are slight differences by region. Culinary historians and anthropologists categorize three main types of Asian cuisine based on how they’ve developed over centuries.

Southwestern Asian Food – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar

The cuisine from this region is heavily influenced by creamed sauces based on dairy, yogurt, curries, strong spices, and flat breads.

Northeastern Asian Food – China, Korea, Japan

The foods in this region are cooked with fats, oils, spices, vinegars, and soy. Noodles are a dominant starch.

Southeastern Asian Food – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei

This area brings us fresh, aromatic, lightly prepared food. Discrete spices are used with hints of citrus and herbs. Fish sauce for soy. Curries based on coconut milk.

Best Ways to Create a Successful Asian food Concession Trailer Business

One of the best ways to create a successful Asian food concession trailer business is to go into catering. The profit margins for catering jump up to over 15%, although the average runs about 7%-8%.

Another great way is to focus on special events that draw people in are sporting events, local festivals, fundraising, local bars and clubs, wedding, family reunions, the sky’s the limits! You can also provide curbside service during the busy lunch hour rush.

How Concession Trailers Can Benefit Your Existing Asian Restaurant

Expand your existing restaurant and services with a concession trailer. It’ll be a moving billboard, a lab to experiment with menu options, or sale your top menu items, provide an easier way to cater events, and more.

Why Concession Nation to Build Your Asian Concession Trailer?

Concession Nation is a food truck industry leader and uses their blog to share insight on the concession trailer and food truck industry and customer success stories.  Concession Nation food trucks have been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, the Food Network, and the Cooking Channel.  Let us create a unique and breathe-taking food truck or trailer that will make you stand out from the crowd. Call Us Now!

The History of Asian Cuisine in America

The Californian Gold Rush brought thousands of Chinese immigrants to work mines, infrastructure, and railroad. Other Chinese immigrants set up shop to cater to them, providing comfort food from home.

They adapted their cuisine, using local produce. Then they tapped into a new market by adapting their recipes to Western palates.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Chinese American cuisine became nationally popular, refining the menu items we came to expect. These items are not authentic to Asia. Examples include beef and broccoli, chop suey, anything sweet-and-sour, egg rolls, and fortune cookies.

As further varied Asian influences occurred over time, the label “Asian American cuisine” was adopted.

Modern Asian American cuisine is a celebration of cultural blending and acceptance.

Our current food culture embraces various Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian influences. Many 3rd or 4th generation Asian American chefs fuse their ancestral fare with other cuisines and cooking techniques.

Concession trailers provide the space to test out new menu items, refine recipes, and specialize in Asian American twists.

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