Why your Food Truck should have an Awning

Concession Nation has a large selection of food trucks & food trailers. You can custom these food trucks or concession trailers with many features including awnings. They come in a wide array of colors and style. From patterns to solids in all sizes, we have quality food truck awnings to meet the style and function of your truck or trailer.

Why should you get an awning with your food truck?

  • They are inviting to customers, as they provide shade and reduce the temperature under the shaded area.
  • They provide shelter on rainy days, attracting customers to your mobile concession vehicle.
  • They are effective in reducing the glare if your mobile kitchen has a menu board or a TV on display.
  • There is a wide array of colors and patterns, find the quality awning that meets your function and style to your food trailer business.
  • They are super easy to open and close, just a hit a button!


Adding an awning to your restaurant on wheels can provide several benefits

Customer Comfort

An awning provides shade and shelter for your customers, making their dining experience more comfortable in various weather conditions, including sun, rain, or light snow.

Extended Seating

It increases your seating capacity by providing an outdoor dining area, allowing more customers to enjoy your food simultaneously. You can add high folding tables to save space.

Branding and Visibility

An awning can be customized with your branding, logo, and menu, making your food truck stand out and increasing its visibility. This helps attract passersby and reinforces your brand identity.

Weather Protection

It shields your cooking and serving area from the elements, ensuring that adverse weather conditions don’t disrupt your food service. This is particularly important for preserving the quality of your food.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A well-designed awning can add a visually appealing element to your food truck, making it look more professional and inviting.

Customer Engagement

Outdoor seating under an awning can encourage customers to linger longer, increasing the chances of repeat visits and fostering a sense of community around your food truck.


Some awnings are retractable or adjustable, allowing you to adapt to different locations and weather conditions, providing flexibility in your operations.

Energy Efficiency

By providing shade, an awning can help regulate the temperature inside your mobile kitchen.

When considering adding an awning to your restaurant on wheels, be sure to choose a design and material that suits your brand and climate. Additionally, check local regulations and permitting requirements for outdoor seating and awning installations in your area.