Why your Food Truck should have an Awning

Concession Nation can customize your food truck or concession trailer with a wide array of different style power awnings. From patterns to solids in all sizes, we have quality food truck awnings to meet the style and function of your truck or trailer.

Why should you get an awning with your food truck?

  • Awnings on food trucks and concession trailers are inviting to customers, as they provide shade and reduce the temperature under the shaded area.
  • Awnings provide shelter on rainy days, attracting customers to your mobile concession vehicle.
  • Awnings are effective in reducing the glare if your mobile kitchen has a menu board or a TV on display.
  • There is a wide array of colors and patterns, find the quality awning that meets your function and style to your food trailer business.
  • Awnings are super easy to open and close, just a hit a button!