Greek Food Trucks For Sale are extremely popular because Mediterranean cuisine is a favorite style of cuisine. The food truck industry is a growing and not expected to continue to grow. IBIS World states that: “The Food Trucks industry has expanded over the five years to 2019 and is one of the best-performing segments in the broader food service sector. The industry’s remarkable rise is largely attributable to changing consumer preferences in favor of unique, gourmet cuisine at less expensive prices.” Concession Nation has a beautiful and impressive portfolio of Greek Food Trucks.

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Why should you buy a Greek Food Truck?

Mobile kitchens are trending right now. This is a growing industry, currently making billion a year, and is expected to continue its upswing. Part of the attraction is the specialization that a food truck or concession trailer offers. You can specialize in specific cuisines or unique twists based on them. Mediterranean cuisine happens to be a broad category that your mobile kitchen could niche down in.

Basic benefits that mobile kitchens offer an entrepreneur are profitability, low operational costs, and high demand. This trifecta makes for an extremely attractive business venture.

The History of Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is a broad term that covers the temperate climate surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Three core ingredients thrived in the region and become a central theme: olive, wheat, and grape. Plus, a wide variety of other vegetables and fruits. The way these ingredients were used varied greatly.

Different cultures repeatedly influenced each other via trade and conquest. As a major trading hub of the world, far-flung influences from Asia and America also came into play.

Different Styles of Mediterranean Food

“Mediterranean food is incredibly popular: pasta, pizza, sausage, wine, gyros, kebab, and falafel can be found just about everywhere.”

Common features of Mediterranean food include olive oil and olives, fresh produce, cheese, fish and seafood, meat, and fresh herbs and spices.

Cooking methods vary. The foods can be grilled, sautéed, baked, roasted, pureed, fermented, or served fresh.

Differences in how these ingredients are used show up when you look closely at the cultures in three distinct regions:

Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine – Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Egypt. Yogurt and cheese are often used in sauces. Sumac, parsley, and mint are predominant flavors. Nuts and beans can play a large role in sauces and spreads. Grain is used in salads (tabbouleh) or takes the form of flat breads. Lamb, mutton, poultry, and goat are frequently used.

Southern European Cuisine- Italy, Southern France, and Spain. Wine is used to enhance flavor in cooked dishes and on its own. More meat is consumed, pork is more prevalent. Tomatoes, garlic, capers, anchovies, and mustard are dominant flavor profiles for this cuisine. Leavened breads and pasta are more popular.

North African Cuisine -Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. This cuisine is characterized by abundant spices. Cumin, coriander, saffron, cinnamon, cloves, chilies, saffron, and paprika play heavily. Dried and preserved fruit like dates, apricots, raisins, and lemons also provide a unique flavor profile.

How Mediterranean Mobile Kitchens Create Success

The basics to creating a lucrative and successful Mediterranean mobile kitchen business involve three steps:

Define your business model. What are you looking to do? Cater? Special Events? Cover breakfast and/or lunch during the work week? Cover dinner or after drink munchies?

As you define what exactly you want to do with your mobile kitchen, you’ll also know where you’ll want to park your kitchen, what your target audience is, and what you’ll need to deliver what they expect.

Hire core staff.You’ll want at least three people. A chef or cook to help develop the menu and prepare the food. The window attendant, or face of your mobile kitchen,to handle orders and service. A driver who can also oversee marketing and public outreach.

Finesse your menu.Decide on menu items. Will they be authentic, or will they be some sort of unique fusion of cultural influences?

Look at price point. Is it low enough to be desirable for a food truck or concession nation crowd while being high enough for profitability?

Existing Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurants Increase Their Businesses with Concession Trailers

If you already have a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, upgrade your business with a concession trailer. You can use a mobile kitchen to:

  • Market Your Restaurant
  • Serve County Fairs
  • Fundraise
  • Expand Catering Services
  • Experiment

Why Concession Nation to Build Your Mediterranean Cuisine Mobile Kitchen?

Concession Nation has expertly designed food trucks and concession trailers for a variety of businesses. We want your business! Call Us Now!

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