Both concession trailers and food trucks are complete kitchens, and they each have specific benefits for the mobile food industry. One gives more personal mobility, while the other gives more ease of mobility.

Food Trucks and Concession Trailers

Both concession trailers and food trucks are complete mobile kitchens with specific advantages.

Concession Trailer Benefits

  • More working space – interior width & height
  • Can use towing vehicle for running errands and transportation to and from the event
  • Can drop it off and leave to hold parking spot
  • Lower overhead/operating costs
  • Lower startup costs, if you already have a towing vehicle

Food Truck Benefits

  • Easier parking and mobility
  • No need for a pull vehicle
  • Working within your local area
  • No CDL license required

Speak to a mobile kitchen designer to know which type fits your needs and budget best.

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