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Concession Nation

Many people long for a career that gives them independence, enjoyment and financial freedom. A concession trailer or a food truck business can offer just that! Concession Nation specializes in creating custom concession trailers and food trucks that are innovative and attractive. From BBQ, smoker or pizza trailers to dessert, taco or burger food trucks, we have the expertise to turn your vision into a reality. Our food concession trailers and trucks can be used for about just any type of cooking. As you browse through our gallery you will soon find out how we go above and beyond in helping you establish a successful mobile food business. Our vehicles are built to the highest quality, using stainless steel, name brands and NSF approved equipment and fixtures.

Concession Nation's food trucks and trailers have been seen on ABC, NBC, CNN, Food Network and the Cooking Channel. The food trailer and truck business is booming and we pride ourselves on being an industry leader worldwide. If you are asking yourself why you should buy from Concession Nation, it is simple - we do not only design, we create. Our work is completely customized. Your vision for a mobile food business is sure to exceed your expectations. We are the best in this business, and don't take our word for it...see it for yourself. You're welcome to visit our showroom in South Florida for a hands-on tour.

Franchises are jumping on the food truck trend. They are thinking beyond the advertising benefits that comes with going mobile and looking at them as profit centers. They are simplifying their menus and reaching a greater consumer base, while enjoying the opportunity to expand and go beyond the store. Click here to see many of the franchises that Concession Nation has already built for and how the addition of food trucks and trailers has allowed them to increase their business.


Did you know that 25% of top restaurant chains have a mobile presence and the number continues to increase? Furthermore, did you know that many established restaurants are adding a food truck to their business to increase revenue?

Many colleges and corporate campuses are investing in mobile kitchen as a way to increase revenue and better serve students and employees, who are able to take advantage of the great variety of foods offered by mobile kitchens while experiencing the convenience of not having to step outside to get something to eat, or walk all the way to the food court and wait in line to grab a bite.

Want to be an Entrepreneur? Perhaps, right now is not the time to invest in a brick and mortar store and go through the hassle of getting all the permits and licenses. Did you know that you can get 3 to 4 units rolling around a much lower price point and much faster timeline than opening a restaurant?