Food Trailer Accessories

There are certain accessories for food trailers that are over looked. This is in part because you are too focus on creating the perfect food trailer design.  Many times, after you have placed an order for your concession trailer, you will realize that you might need some of these food trailer accessories. This is not a complete list, but it has the most popular food trailer accessories that are requested by our customers.

Deep fryer accessories

  • Splash guard – to separate your deep fryer from other kitchen equipment such as a range, broiler or griddle. It adds safety to your kitchen, and we highly recommend it. Check out commonly-asked queries about concession trailers page to learn more.
  • Deep fryer covers – You need oil to cook, but what happens when your food truck or concession trailer is moving around? You are forced to dump the oil or run the risk of having a messy kitchen from the oil splashes while there is movement. The deep fryer covers take care of this concern.

Extension cords

  • An extension cord is a must, even if you rely on a generator most of the times. When you store your food truck or concession trailer overnight, if you have an extension cord you can leave all your electrical appliances on like your refrigerator and freezer. This means you do not have to waste time moving your food and looking elsewhere to store it.
  • Also, if you have an event where you can connect to a 220v, 50amps outlet, you do not need to use your generator.

Pre-rinse Faucet

  • We offer the regular standard faucet, but if you think a pre-rinse faucet is more convenient for you, we also have it available, upon request.

Trailer hitch

  • We have different models available, if you need one. To learn more on the subject, click here.

Ticket holder

  • We hope you will be successful with your mobile business and have a high volume of orders. The dreamy big line! How will you keep up with all orders? A 36” ticket holder installed on the hood, certainly does the job.

Weight distribution hitch

  • We can install it on your truck and trailer to make your life simpler! To learn more on the subject, click here.