There are so many considerations to run through when purchasing a concession trailer. We’ve pinpointed 5 items below, but this is hardly a comprehensive list. If you have more questions about what’s involved, feel free to give us a call.

Finding the right concession trailer for your business requires careful consideration and planning. You should think about:

1. Food.

The type of food you serve will dictate what kind of equipment you need. A food trailer that serves desserts will be different than one that is tailored for BBQ trailers and/or smokers.

2. Style.

Take a look at photos of existing concession trailers and food trucks. The style you choose will likely be influenced by your location, the type of food you’ll serve, your own personality, and the vibe you want to give off. Think about how you are going to use the trailer and make a list of your “must-haves” before you look at concession trailers for sale. There are a multitude of styles available.
We suggest reviewing our photo galleries for Food Trucks and for Concession Trailers to see the vast array of options available to you. Don’t limit yourself now and have to build on later. Discover what style works best for you now.

3. Storage.

Designing a concession trailer or a food truck is very similar to designing a boat. Both have space constraints and logistics concerns. For example, what will you need to store on the vehicle itself? Where is the optimal location for each item to be stored? Any special storage considerations?
Our staff have been designing mobile kitchens for years and can help you navigate what storage options you have.

4. New? Or Used?

Let us make this quite clear: we do not recommend that you buy a used vehicle. New or custom concession trailers for sale often come with warranties that used concession trailers just do not have. New concession trailers have the manufacturer warranties, labor warranties, LP propane, fire suppression system, and any other certifications required. A custom concession trailer will meet your specific needs and be built according to your local health department codes. Like anything you buy used, there’s a good chance you’ll not appreciate some of the surprises that you find after the sale.

5. Budget.

Know your budget before you start your “concession trailers for sale” search. Planning and sticking to your budget will get your business started on the right foot.Also, financing is available and can help you keep more readily available funds on hand for other areas of starting your business.
The right concession trailer, one that fits your budget, is just waiting for you to commission it.

Ultimately, the right concession trailer for you is going to be very different from any other food truck business. Your needs will not be the same as anyone else!
We can help you find a concession trailer that fits your needs perfectly.