Two Important Aspects of Designing a Food Truck

Planning on buying a food truck? Then, you should consider designing a food truck. There are two important aspects, one is the floor plan or kitchen interior food truck layout, and the other one is the graphics and design for the exterior graphics for trucks. Concession Nation has been in business since 2006, and therefore built close to 3,000 mobile kitchens. Our extensive food trucks for sale have allowed us to provide you with numerous combinations that rely on your menu, style, food truck size and budget.

Graphics & Design | Graphics for Trucks

An attractive exterior graphics for trucks will definitely draw more attention. This results in more traffic your way, and more people will buy from your food truck business. We have an in-house Graphics Department that can provide design services  such as graphics for trucks , your logo, 4 sides of your truck, printing and installation of your custom graphics and design. For more details, click here.

Floor Plans

Your floor plan design or food truck layout is crucial in the success of your food truck operation. You need the right cooking and cooling equipment, generator or battery owned, and build out according to your health department codes and regulations. Also, you must ensure that you have all the paperwork to register your food truck. Concession Nation has experts that can carefully and creatively food truck layout appropriate floor plans for designing a food truck of your dreams. Click here for more.

Top Things To Consider Before Purchasing

Starting a mobile food business  and designing a food can be a complicated process, but so is starting any business. Concession Nation will guide you every step of the way. One essential aspect is to choose the correct food truck graphics and design. Also, there are five fundamental things to consider in regards to designing a food truck:

  • Graphics and design (exterior design of the food trailer must be unique and attractive)
  • Interior (the interior of the food trailer must also be designed creatively to make the employees cool and comfortable while they are working)
  • Safety (installation of safety devices like fire alarm, etc.)
  • Floor plan or food truck layout
  • Durability

Concession Nation, Inc. can definitely create safe, durable and eye-catching concession trailers and food trucks that have excellent floor plans or food truck layout.