Let’s clear up some myths about owning a food truck.

MYTH #1: Running a successful food truck business is difficult

Anytime someone wants to leave the 9-5 job to start their own business, the first thing they hear is that will be hard.  Is going to a job you don’t like and leave exhausted easy? Yes, running a food truck business still requires you to put in work.  But if you love your work and you get to connect with people that you enjoy serving, isn’t it worth it?

Additionally, you can make running your own business (no matter if it’s a food truck or any other type of business) easier by preparing yourself for success. Learn how to create a business plan, what is needed for daily operations to implement workflow and processes, establish a calendar of possible events to apply for, start your social media account while your food truck is being built out to create a buzz and do your due diligence to really give yourself a good foundation for success.

MYTH #2: You cannot make a living as a food truck business owner

If you go beyond the weekend working hours and run a food truck as a business, you can make a living at it.  There are many profitable food trucks on the road today.

May 2018, “Quick Top Tens” website ranked the top ten food trucks by their annual gross revenue.Kogi, a Korean-Mexicanfusion food truck located in Los Angeles came in at number ten. The lowest on the chart brought in $435,000 in annual sales.  They grew their business to five food trucks and four brick and mortar restaurants.

Grilled cheese makes money? Yes, number six on the top ten list is “Grilled Cheeserie” located in Nashville.  They brought in $635,000 in annual sales and opened their first restaurant in 2018.

Are you wondering how much the number one food truck business made on this top ten list? Well, that would be “Fukuburger Truck” (named after one of the co-owners, Colin Fukunaga) located in Las Vegas.  They brought in $1,060,000 in annual sales.  Fukunaga opted to go against the local trend of taco trucks.  He created, instead, a twist of fusion food – west coast burgers meet Japanese street flavors. By creating his own unique path, it paid off.

Are the above food trucks exception? Not necessarily. There are many stories on how to be a real success in the food truck industry and proof that it is possible. There are many who have made a living running a food truck business.

MYTH #3: To be successful with a food truck you must love to cook

This is not true.  If you love to cook, that’s fantastic.  However, did you know that food trucks are not just for serving food?  There are many other types of food truck businesses that are available for those who don’t want to cook.  Just to name a few:

  • Ice Cream Trucks – scooping or soft serve cones requires no cooking
  • Bar Trucks – get your liquor license to cater or serve at area events
  • Coffee Trucks – the best part of everyone’s morning is your coffee truck and you can serve all day

MYTH #4: You must be a solo entrepreneur to buy a food truck

Food trucks are not just for the entrepreneur (solo, partners or family).  There are many benefits for owning a food truck that other industries have tapped into.

Different industries and uses for food trucks:

  • Restaurants–for marketing, catering, expanding reach, increasing profits and testing new menu items.
  • Franchises – as an actual franchise location verses a brick and mortar.
  • Sports Parks – add concession and merchandise sales opportunities
  • Hotels, Resort, Casinos – strategically place food trucks to enhance the guests and visitors’ experiences and extend their catering services (did you know one racetrack and casino put a food truck trackside for visitors to grab food and enjoy the race?)
  • Theme & National Parks – use food trucks for concessions
  • Healthcare – hospitals are adding third-shift options for dining, promoting various services and sharing healthier food options with catering and even street vending.

Food trucks offer most industries an opportunity to increase their profits, expand their marketing and service reach and add value to their existing services.

In Closing.

The food truck industry has been growing every year and isn’t appearing to be slowing down any time soon.  We recommend that you follow your passion, be an industry leader and see food trucks as the great value that they are.

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