Insurance for a food truck or trailer has some unique aspects—it isn’t like insuring a car or house. You need to have a conversation with your insurance carrier about what your policy covers or doesn’t cover. You can use these questions to get the conversation started.  


You will need insurance for your food truck no matter where you are. Getting the right food trailer insurance is important 

Ask your insurance carrier these questions:

1. Is there a difference between insuring a food truck or a food trailer? 

Still deciding between a food truck or a concession trailer? Check with your carrier about any differences to insure each one. 

 2. Does this plan cover the contents of my truck or trailer? 

Some policies only cover the vehicle itself, not the contents of your food truck. 

3. Can anyone drive my food truck? 

Do you have to include your other employees or family on it?


If you have insurance questions, ask your carrier.
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