You have completed your custom food trailer build and are ready to park, open your window and start selling. It’s an exciting time for any food truck business owner.  During this exciting time, be sure to create a maintenance checklist to keep your investment in best conditions. Your business depends on it. Concession Nation has expertly designed food trucks and trailers for a variety of businesses.  Let us design your food truck. Call us at 888-390-4479.

Maintenance Checklist for Your Food Trailer

Make your investment last.  Your food trailer business should include daily and scheduled checklists to be a priority for completion. Some items to include:


  • External – walk around vehicle checking tires, windshield wipers, clean windows (inside & out) and check for any external damage.
  • Interior of food trailer – do NOT hose it down. You could damage the electrical equipment. DO wash down.  If diamond plated floors, can use dawn to cut grease and gently clean.
  • Clean thoroughly ALL cooking appliances and areas.
  • Refrigerators and freezer interiors – clean thoroughly.


  • Tires – check grease on the grease cup after every 500 miles, re-torque wheel nuts after every 500 miles and schedule regular rotations.
  • Hood filters & air conditioning filters – clean regularly
  • Make up air units – regularly schedule inspections. The unit should be given a top to bottom inspection twice a year.

Roof top exhaust – clean once at minimum once a month.