How To Build a Food Trailer

Understanding how to build a food trailer is important, if you are getting into the mobile food trailer business. How does one build a concession trailer? You research trailer manufacturers and concession trailer builders, to see years in business, their ranking, reputation in the industry, level of expertise and customers’ reviews.

The process of trailer design comprises the interior kitchen layout, and the exterior graphics. Your custom trailer is your main investment for your mobile food trailer business, so it has to be done right.


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How to build a food trailer

The exterior must be designed strategically to let others know what you are selling. Concession Nation has experienced graphic designers that produce the most eye-catching, unique, and gilt-edged food trucks and concession trailers, every week, all year long. So, trust that your concept and vision will be brought to fruition, while making sure that you have important elements listed on your walking advertisement.

Concession Nation is on top of the list when it comes to the best and most trusted companies who manufacture trailers and build food trucks.

Your food trailer will be made of your cooking and cooling equipment, electrical, plumbing and propane systems, generator or battery powered, and other elements. For example, you can add TV, menu boards, awnings, RGB lights, and so on. Based on all your choices, it will determine your trailer size and cost. The cooking equipment under the hood, will limit window location. Your overall trailer design will determine door location as well.