Do you want:

  • loyal repeat customers flocking your concession trailer’s window?
  • your customers raving about your food and sharing it on social media?
  • to be well-known locally for great cuisine and service?

Set yourself up from the start to become everyone’s favorite mobile eatery.

Step 1: Get the word out!

  • Market your business everywhere.
  • People need to know you’re out there, what you’re serving, and where.
  • Embrace the technology needed to get your mobile food business noticed:
  • GPS tracker
  • Social Media
  • SMS/Text Services

Don’t know where to begin? We’d recommend starting with YouTube.  They have a plethora of videos teaching step-by-step instructions how to grow your business with technology.

Step 2: Hire the right people.

You need the right people to:

  • Cook and prep the food
  • Handle customer service and taking orders
  • Handle business administration and marketing

As business grows, engage teams that work in shifts to keep your business working during high peak hours and locations.

Step 3: Take care of your customers

  • Customer service and food quality are the two most important ingredients to get people to raving about your business.
  • Make sure all staff members are well-trained in how to deal with people.
  • And in how to act professional in front of customers.
  • Focus on added value services, like:
    • Wi-Fi to customers.
    • Accept Mobile Pay.
    • GPS Tracker apps, so they always know where you are.

Bonus Tip: Track it all!

  • Knowledge is power.
  • Track all your expenses and profits at every event, every location, and every time of day.
  • Track your marketing efforts.
  • Know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Keep experimenting.

How to be your customer’s favorite Food Truck or Concession Trailer?

Let Concession Nation be part of your new mobile business’s success!

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