Food trucks provide an affordable, customizable, adaptable and revolutionary business model that most restaurants can use. The mobile kitchen industry is growing rapidly and providing entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, urban planners, and corporations increased revenue, expanded reach and growth opportunities.

Across the board, industries are being challenged with customer desires for increased mobility, flexibility, specialization, and on-demand service. 

The food industry is no exception.

Brick and mortar restaurants are having a difficult time adjusting to these changes because of they: 

  • Tend to be high-risk and high-investment.
  • Are static and permanent.
  • Only cater to the few that find their locations.
  • Have menus that tend to be repetitive and safe.

EXCEPT for the ones that add a mobile kitchen unit to their business model, which: 

  • Involves less risk and less investment.
  • Is more flexible and mobile.
  • Has the potential to serve more people at more locations. 
  • Allows for diverse and inventive food items.

The food truck industry is projected to grow by 20% in 2019. 

(Off the Grid Mobile Food Trends & Insights Report, December 2018.

  • In 2017, the industry made $800 million dollars.
  • It’s expected that in 2019, the industry will make $985 million.

Why are Food Trucks the Answer? 

  • They’re relatively easy to get started.
  • They can serve just about anywhere.
  • They offer a much more diverse dining experience.
  • They offer a way to test new menu concepts. 
  • They can be used as a “lighter, quicker, cheaper” approach to urban planning, capitalizing on using existing under-utilized public and private spaces.
  • They expand the reach of an existing brick and mortar restaurant beyond their location.

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