Food Truck Types

There are many different types of food trucks and food truck designs. Below you will find a vast list of food truck styles. Custom food trucks are Concession Nation’s specialty. We have the largest online inventory. Once you find our website, you do not need to go elsewhere. You can shop by food truck size, food truck design, or food truck style. If you need financing, we can help you too!

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How To Build A Food Truck: The Essentials

  • Building a food truck warrants the expertise of well-experienced food truck builders, who are familiarized with health department codes and regulations. A team that understands what it takes to  convert trucks into functional kitchens with the right cooling and cooking equipment, powerful generator, proper fire suppression system, and LP propane system and certifications.
  • Creating a layout for your food truck design must be carefully selected to produce the menu of choice that wants to be offered.
  • Food trucks and concession trailers must not only appear clean and attractive but most importantly, they must comply with safety requirements to protect your mobile business investment and your customers.

Let the professionals at Concession Nation provide you with their expertise, and you will be sure to buy a beautiful food truck that will be approved by your health department and last you for many years.

Build A Food Truck:
Commonly-Asked Questions About The Business

Before entrepreneurs venture into a certain kind of business, it is always vital to learn more about it. If you want to start a food truck business, the following are some of the most frequently-asked queries:

  • What are the different truck sizes appropriate for a mobile food business?
    It actually depends on the type of food the client wants to offer. Food truck sizes range from 12ft to 24ft long, plus the cabin. The most popular sizes are the 18ft food truck20ft food truck and 22ft food trucks.
  • Should I use a used or new stepvan?
    It really depends on your budget. Of course, NEW is always best! However, you can use any used truck to be converted into a stunning food truck.
  • What cooking and cooling equipment should I use?
    NSF, commercial equipment. There are numerous brands and models to choose from, driven by your budget and needs.
  • Can the client provide the truck that he wants?
    Yes, definitely. Concession Nation will just create the appropriate food truck design.