Technology is racing faster and faster every day. It touches every industry across the country. The food truck business is no exception. Every day, food truck vendors deal with technology whether they realize it or not. Most technology that affects food truck businesses occurs in their marketing, but even essential sale functions are boosted by technology.

With all the new tech opportunities, it can be difficult to decide where and how to use your budget and other resources (like your time). Below are a few of the tech-toys that food truck vendors across the nation use to improve their business.

GPS Tracking Let’s People Know Where You Are!

Consider investing in this type of technology. You can set up a website or social media page that reports where your truck is located at all times—so fans craving your food can easily find you.

There are two options. You can simply use your smartphone to report your location. Or, you can set up a separate tracking system that updates automatically and takes a lot of the legwork out of publishing your whereabouts. That way, if you are not on a shift but your truck is out, it will also update itself. Plus, it will be advertising your truck’s location not your phone’s.

SMS Texting or Email Campaigns Help Develop Loyalty

While many food truck owners understand the importance of updating social media with specials and locations, they sometimes overlook that social campaigns won’t reach everyone. Combine this with SMS and email campaigns and you’ll reach more people easily. Have customers sign up for text notifications and emails for “exclusive offers and updates”. You can send out notifications to customers when you are in specific areas or with specials and menu updates.

The great thing about SMS texting, email, and social media is that it does not cost much to do. It is also easy for customers to start and stop as they please. It just takes a little bit of time. You can try getting phone numbers to begin by offering an incentive, like free food or discounted menu items. By taking an interest in the customers that sign up and offering them unique and valuable deals, you’ll create personal and loyal customer relationships. That’s definitely good for business.

Online Food Ordering Makes You Even More Convenient

Online food ordering is very “in” right now. Create the option for customers to order food before they get to the food truck. It will be ready when they arrive to pick it up. This works great for people who really want to get great food quickly or who need to order several items at once. It is convenient for both the customer and for the vendor.

This technology update is also very cost effective. It is usually available as an add-on to your existing website.

Mobile Payment Options Cater to the Non-Cash Crowd

You have likely seen the commercials and heard about the new credit and debit cards that let you pay with a tap. This type of technology is especially relevant for a mobile food vendor because many of your customers are interested in getting food quickly. You can also set up more technology-focused payment options, like accepting PayPal, Stripe or Square payments and other electronic merchant options.

Food trucks often cater to a younger crowd, and many younger buyers are using more non-traditional payment options. Be sure that your acceptable payment options keep up!

Mobile Point-of-Sale Systems Streamline Services

Keeping up with orders, payments, and inventory can be extremely challenging in the fast-paced food truck industry. Some food truck owners are opting into a mobile point-of-sale system that manages all of these need-to-know issues in one system.

You can track sales, inventory, and send orders to your chef at the other end of your truck automatically. Everything is streamlined and straightforward—and you have an array of data at your fingertips that would have taken you hours to create manually. These systems can be a little pricey, but if you find one that works well for your truck, it may end up saving you time and money in the long run.

Digital Menu Boards are Fun, Flexible, and Professional

Your current menu board may be a chalkboard or simple whiteboard. If your menu items do not change much, then it may be a formal, professional-looking sign. You can step things up by adding a digital menu sign to your truck. The digital sign can set out the menu items and provide other valuable information to your customers, like upcoming locations, hours, and more.

If your menu changes frequently, it may be even more desirable to get a digital menu board. You can change out items quickly and it looks professional every time.

Technology can certainly help your food truck business. But don’t forget to invest in the basics, too—like a great customized food truck or concession trailer!

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