When owning concession trailers, you want to protect and maintain the water system for proper use.  If you are in a cold-weather state, you’ll want to make sure to weatherize your system like you would your home’s plumbing or a recreational vehicle.

Concession Nation offers training videos on how their custom-built concession trailers for sale water system work.  They check the water system before your trailer leaves their facility.

Concession Trailer Water system operating Tips

Food Trailer’s Water System

  • Fresh Water Tank – supplies the clean, fresh water for cooking needs.
  • Grey Water Tank – waste water generated from 3 component sink and hand sink
  • Hand Washing Sink
  • Three Compartment Sink – 3-sink method of manually washing dishes is best known as wash, rinse and sanitize.
  • Water Heater
  • Water Pump

Two Ways to Get Potable Water into Sinks:

1. Water Directly from a Garden Hose

  • Close the valve directly under water inlet inside
  • Connect the hose to outside water inlet
  • Water pump should be unplugged

2. Water from the Fresh Water Tank

  • Tank is filled using “Garden Hose” method
  • Close ‘shut off’ valve
  • Reconnect the water pump
  • Concession trailer is now using your fresh water tank

Winterizing the Concession Trailer Water System

For cold weather states, follow the same instructions that you would an RV to prepare your water system for the colder temps.  Additionally:

  • Best results if you dump the contents of your Potable and Grey water tanks overnight and when the unit is not in operation
  • Empty all the water out of your water heater and faucets
  • Use a portable space heater near water supply unit inside while operating concession trailer during colder temperatures

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