Comparing Food Trucks vs. Food Trailers

Food trailers and food trucks both have their advantages, one will suit your business needs.

You can discuss your needs with Concession Nation. We will help you find the option that works best for you based on your budget, location, equipment, etc. We have built close to 3,000 mobile kitchens since 2006. We are ranked #1 U.S. Food Truck Builder and we own our Trailer Manufacturer. We have the largest online inventory, see for yourself as you navigate our website. You can shop by budget, styles, sizes and best sellers.


Are you considering purchasing a food truck or food trailer?

Learn about these two options!

Food Trucks

  • A food truck is a vehicle and kitchen all-in-one unit
  • They are customizable step vans (also known as walk-in or multi-stop delivery trucks)
  • Have flexibility in kitchen-size (kitchens can vary in size from 12 ft to around 26 ft)
  • Budgets to convert a truck into a new food truck start around $53,000, plus the price of the stepvan.

Food Trailer

  • A food trailer is a mobile kitchen that you hitch to another vehicle to haul.
  • Offer tremendous flexibility in size (varying in length from 8 to 53 ft long)
  • Are slightly wider than food trucks (by roughly a foot)
  • Budgets to build out and customize start at around $35,000.

Each option has advantages.

Concession Nation can walk you through your choices.