Build A Food Trailer

Just like starting any kind of business, getting into a mobile food business can be overwhelming. A food trailer build does not have to be one of them. One thing we know for sure is that the reason why so many people get into a food trailer is because of its low operating cost, work schedule flexibility, and mobility advantage when it comes to location. As a result the mobile business promotes more independence when it comes to operations. For those who want to build a food trailer,  selecting the right food trailer builder is essential. What makes a company reputable and respected is how long they have been in the industry. Also, their expertise, reputation, and the number of builds they have to date. Concession Nation has been around since 2006, and since has been considered an industry leader and a top U.S. Food Trailer Builder. Find out more below, why we are the food trailer builder of choice. Ready to find Food Trailers For Sale, click here.

If you are looking for a food trailer for sale to get into the mobile food business, there are some questions worth noting. When selecting a trailer manufacturer, you must research who is a most trusted and reputable food trailer builder.

The following are essential questions to research or ask about before selecting the food trailer builder for your investment.

Does the food trailer builder OWNS the trailer manufacturer?

Do they build new food trailers? Are they custom built? Who is their trailer manufacturer?

Concession Nation’s owners also own Edge Trailer Manufacturer. It is conveniently located 15 min away. This is of the outmost relevance because it ensures full control on quality, and production schedule.

Certificate of Origin | VIN label | Manufacturer Label | Tire & Loading Label

A legit trailer manufacturer should issue a Certificate of Origin, VIN label, tire & loading label, and manufacturer label to comply with the law. Concession Nation relies on Edge Trailer Manufacturer to issue these. If you do not have this, you will not be able to register your trailer, therefore, will never actually own your food trailer and be able to sell it in the future.

How is the trailer shell built?

What kind of material do you use for your builds? How many axles? Do you build the trailer shells for a concession trailer? Please note, that a cargo or landscape trailer is not suitable for a food trailer. It is not mean to withhold the weight. It will be a disaster on the road, and you will soon discover that you wasted your money.

Edge Trailer Mfg. has an extensive knowledge of axles placement, and proper tires selection. Edge uses steel (top quality material) to build all trailer shells. The exterior sheets are also outstanding ACM sheets for, that are installed seamless without any rivets. This way, Concession Nation is confident that the trailer shell that will be used to build the food trailer is most durable and top quality.

Food Trailer Build

Now that we have addressed the trailer shell. Let’s move to the food trailer build.

Trailer Weight

A trustworthy trailer builder will always weight the trailer after it has been built to modify the tire and loading label on the trailer. This is a must to comply with NHTSA & DOT regulation. Concession Nation’s quality control weights every trailer and produces an updated tire & loading label that is affixed to the trailer’s tongue. So you can rest assured, that your food trailer will leave our premises “by the book.”

Health Department Codes & Regulations

A reputable food trailer builder, must build your concession trailer according to the local health department codes and regulations. This will ensure you pass your health department inspection. This is crucial to be able to operate your business legally.

Plumbing, Electrical, Propane, FSS

An outstanding trailer builder, must know how to properly install plumbing, electrical and propane systems. Furthermore, it must use a third party certified LP company to verify propane work, check there are no leaks and issue certification. If using fire suppression system, it must also use a certified company to issue a report stating the system is ready to arm and properly installed.

What cooling & cooking equipment will be installed?

A reputable trailer builder, will ensure that all equipment is commercial and NSF approved. Also, a respected trailer builder will list equipment brands and models on their proposal. Buyer be aware of companies that withhold this information. You will be unpleasantly surprised later on.

Concession Nation’s proposals include every brand and model for full disclosure and customer’s confidence in knowing exactly what they are purchasing.

Does it include a generator or will it be battery powered?

Concession Nation will list the generator make and model on your proposal, if you have requested one. Please make sure you look for this line item in other competitor’s quotes, as too many times, it is omitted to make the estimate total seem lower. Then, once you are getting the food trailer built they surprise you with the no generator news.

Also, Concession Nation is the industry leader to provide battery powered food trucks and food trailers. If you are interested, make sure to ask us more about it. The benefits are significant!

Concession Nation, Inc. is the #1 U.S. trailer builder, & industry leader. We have been in business since 2006. We use our own trailer manufacturer to build the trailer shells.