By Concession Nation

organic-foodAlthough we encourage all food trucks to partake in the organic trend, we’re not oblivious to its challenges. The main benefits, as you probably know, are that organic foods promote better health and environmentally sustainable practices for the land.

But can you serve all-organic dishes all year round, and how? We have five suggestions on how to keep fresh, organic produce on your organic food truck’s table throughout the year.

Use organic grocers.

Use to locate organic grocers in your local area. These grocers serve organic produce and meats year-round and are usually sold from well-known store names such as Whole Foods Market. However, your organic food truck may require items in bulk, in which you may need to seek out additional grocers.

Join the community supported agriculture movement.

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a program in which participants can purchase shares of crops and meats before or as they are being produced. At harvest, the foods go directly to the CSA participants – and in your case, your food truck. In general, the farms that are involved in this program are certified organic, which is why this program is so essential and beneficial for organic mobile vendors.

Modify your food truck’s menu so that it’s cyclical, in line with the seasons.

fruit_vegetables_food_produce_organicEspecially if your food truck is purchasing local, organic goods, these farmers will be unable to produce the same fruits and vegetables throughout the entire year. Depending on the season and climate that your organic food truck business is located in, you will find benefits in modifying your menu to host menu items that are in season and in the freshest state. Your customers will be pleased, as well.

Find a year-round farmer’s market.

Clearly, locating a year-round farmer’s market may be difficult depending on the climate your mobile food stand is serving. However, finding one – whether it sells similar produce year-round or produce that’s cyclical – can greatly assist your endeavor to serve organic meals throughout the calendar year. Make sure to ask each vendor at the market if his or her produce is organic to ensure quality, freshness, and environmentally sustainable food products.

Pick one or the other.

At times, it may be impossible to buy both local and organic. You may find that organic produce can only be purchased for your organic food truck at distance. Is it worth it to you? If you’ve labeled yourself as an organic foods provider, we recommend sticking to your brand concept and going the distance.