With so many options to choose from for your new mobile restaurant, how do you know which food trailer for sale is the right one for you? We would like to help you understand the top five factors to consider when buying or building a custom concession vehicle. Take some time to think about what you really want in a trailer.  

The type of foods you will be serving will have a huge impact on the right trailer for your mobile business. You should also consider whether to buy new, custom or used, your budget, style, and storage.  

Let Concession Nation know your needs, and our experienced will help you find the right concession trailer or food truck for your company.  

5 factor to consider
Finding the right concession trailer for your business requires careful consideration and planning. You should think about: 

1. Style. Find a concession trailer for sale that fits your needs.  

  • BAR 
  • BBQ 
  • BOWLS 

2. Layout.Depending on trailer style, cooking and cooling equipment. Storage needs, prep tables and flow of work. 

3. New? Or Used? New or custom concession trailers for sale often come with warranties that used concession trailers just do not have. New concession trailers have the manufacturer warranties, labor warranties, LP propane, fire suppression system, and any other certifications required. A custom concession trailer will meet your specific needs and be built according to your local health department codes. Save yourself from unpleasant surprises and buy new. 

4. Budget. Planning and sticking to your budget will get your business started on the right foot. In order to know what is affordable, look at Concession Nation’s website under the “Shop” menu. You can view trailers’ images, layouts and pricing to see all you can get within budget. 

Financing is, also, available.   

Concession Nation can help you find the right concession trailer that fits your budget. 

5. Menu. The type of food you serve will dictate what kind of equipment you need. A food trailer that serves ice cream will be different than one that is tailored for BBQ trailers and/or smokers.  

Ultimately, the right builder should help you customize your concession trailer based on style, layout, the trailer and budget.  Your needs will not be the same as anyone else!  

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