“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Mark Twain

It takes a special kind of person not only to own and operate a food truck business, but also be good at it. Having your own food truck and running your own business can be an amazing, fulfilling experience. It offers a meaningful way to not only earn an income, but also genuinely enjoy what you do.

Few people can really say that they really enjoy their jobs, but if you ask many successful food truck owners, they will tell you that they absolutely love their food truck business—including the freedom and rewards that it has to offer.

Finding your calling as an entrepreneur, especially one in the food industry, can be daunting initially – but exciting once discovered. For some, the food truck business is the perfect fit for their wants, needs, skills, and character.  Consider a few great personality traits that getting into the food truck business is right for you.

  1.  You get “swept away” by engaging in activities that are common to food trucks.


Food truck businesses create culinary masterpieces, service customers, and use creative marketing techniques. They require quick action, effective time management, and regular client interaction. If you find yourself engrossed in cooking, or you love to find more effective ways to service customers, owning a food truck might be the right option for you.

Think about the last time that you really lost yourself in a project—was it cooking? Developing efficient processes? Talking to customers? Those activities that you engage in where you feel satisfied and lose track of time are the ones that you should be doing on a regular basis. If you love being creative with food, want to be your own boss, and have flexibility, you need to find a food truck for sale sooner than later.

  1. You enjoy being the solution.


The most vital piece of any business is that it solves a problem, whether that is providing a brand-new product or creating a service that meets local needs. If you are considering getting into the food truck business, you may have seen an unmet need.

Perhaps you are frustrated with not having food options directly near your current place of employment, or maybe your family and friends have noted that they would love to see a specific type of food available in your area. When a venture fulfills a specific missing piece, it is much more likely to be successful, and you are likely to be more satisfied in your work because you know you are meeting a real demand.

  1.  You have tried similar things, and it just feels right.


In an interview with Wolfgang Puck, one of the most famous chefs of our time, he noted that he knew that cooking was his calling. When asked how he knew that he was destined to cook, he said, “my whole body, my whole spirit changes when I’m in the kitchen or when I’m at the farmer’s market.” It gave him joy and just felt—right.

When you find the activity or field that fits, you are just happy. You may have challenges, and it is not always easy, but it is fun and satisfying—and just fits. When you are cooking for others, does it feel satisfying?


  1. You are excited about working the business.


Creating a food truck business requires investments that include more than just money. It includes creatively developing menus, enjoying the time serving customers, learning to plan where to park or how to reach the most people.

Owning a food truck is very flexible, and that is perhaps the most appealing aspect of starting this kind of business. Tap into your drive and passion to make the food venture thrive.

If you would like to explore the field more, or if you are ready to do some more in-depth planning, Concession Nation is here to help. We are here to help you custom build out the food truck to match your needs.  We have the experience you need to get started. Call us today!