Concession Nation partnered with Sodexo to custom design and built a fleet of specialized food trucks for their use with their customers. One example is a food truck designed for a school district in Missouri that will not only cater to select schools but will also serve as a classroom for older students looking to get food truck working experience. Another example is a customized food truck aimed at serving the unique needs of the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS).

Who is Sodexo and why are they important to the food truck industry?

All food truck or concession trailer entrepreneurs could use Sodexo as inspiration in how to optimize the food service market. Sodexo is part of a global 500-Fortune company that specializes in food services and facilities management and has fully embraced the growing mobile food kitchen market. They’ve created a business model that allows them to set-up-shop quickly once a client signs on to their service by investing in food trucks. They then pair those trucks with other food service options, creating a diverse and customizable service for their clients.

The food trucks they order from us have all been custom-tailored to the unique needs of Sodexo’s clients and perfectly designed on the outside with appropriate branding.

What needs were met by the food truck commissioned for the Houston Museum of Natural Science?

For over 20 years, the only restaurant available onsite at the Museum was McDonald’s. Needless to say, a culinary upgrade was needed. People want healthier options. They also want a variety of food choices. And, they’d prefer to have it easily accessible. There’s also a growing group of carbon-conscious consumers looking to source local foods.

Latha Thomas, vice president of marketing and communications at HMNS, said in an interview for the Houston Chronicle, that “we want to offer healthier options for everyone because we have a lot of different groups that we cater to.”

Not only that, but the Museum would like to offer more seasonal and local food products. They’ve dubbed the food truck, “The Food Lab”, and according to their website, it will “feature a seasonal, approachable menu that will revolve as the kitchen scientists invent new and interesting menus.”

This food truck will reside in the sun dial plaza, a convenient and picturesque location surrounded by water fountains and trees. And the truck features a science-themed wall on the back, in keeping with the theme of the new eateries popping up around the extensive museum grounds: “The Science of Food”.

“We are thrilled to work with the Houston Museum of Natural Science to bring our shared vision of providing healthy and sustainable food options to life,” said Moses DeBord, vice president, Sodexo Sports & Leisure. “We will offer a wide variety for guests from artisan inspired dishes, quick service dining, and local favorites from our food truck.”

About the Houston Museum of Natural Science

There is a section of the city dubbed the Houston Museum District, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science is at the heart of the district. It also happens to be one of the nation’s most heavily visited museums, with good reason. It has four floors of permanent exhibits, a huge theatre, a butterfly center, a planetarium, and an observatory. It hosts globe-trotting ever-changing exhibits and caters to every age group. It also rents out space for events like weddings or overnight adventures. Catering is a perk and now, thanks to the convenient food truck we built, even more accessible.

Concession Nation: A Proud Creator of Specialized Food Trucks

Not to toot our horn too much, but there is definitely a coolness factor at being able to work with Sodexo in such diverse projects. We are tremendously pleased to have one of our trucks working hard to provide delicious culinary treats for the hungry visitors of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

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