While shopping for a mobile kitchen, you should consider certain custom made food trailer or food truck features that will enhance the look and functionality of your food truck or concession trailer. Interested in a brochure for Features? Click here 

Custom Signs:

  • Custom signs enhance the appearance of your mobile kitchen. They provide invaluable exposure, as your food truck or concession trailer will never be lost in the crowd. Custom signs add dimension to the standard rectangular shape of your mobile concession stand. Custom signs are sturdy, durable and affordable.
  • Concession Nation will assist you in designing your custom signs in any way imaginable, bringing your vision to life.Click here for more.


Graphics & Design:

  •  It is a fact: “A business with no sign is a sign of no business!”Graphics are a priceless invaluable investment, which provide returns for the life of the custom wrap. It is advertising in motion. Your food truck becomes a mobile business card, adding  brand recognition to your mobile business, telling customers who you are, what you sell and how to contact/follow you. Your custom graphics appeal draw customers to you. In the middle of a busy event, it can make you stand out from the other concession stands.
  •  Concession Nation has an in-house Graphics & Design Department that can make this happen for you. It is a “need,” not a “want.” Click here for more.



  •  Awnings on food trucks and concession trailers are inviting to customers, as they provide shade and reduce the temperature under the shaded area. Awnings
    provide shelter on rainy days, attracting customers to your mobile concession vehicle. Awnings are effective in reducing the glare if your mobile kitchen has a menu board or a TV on display.
  • There is a wide array of colors and patterns, find the quality awning that meets your function and style to your food trailer business. Click here for more.


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