8×16 concession trailers can offer any entrepreneur, existing restaurant or franchisee the space they need to fully maximize workflow. Concession Nation knows that concession trailers are in high demand because they are profitable with low operational costs.

We work with our customers to layout all the necessary equipment, keep plenty of workspace for staff, ensure that there is plenty storage space and to professionally design their custom wraps.  We take the time to grasp your vision during our initial conversations to put our decades of experience in helping your new business start with the right foundation.

We offer advice on both external and internal options for daily use and to present your business with the best features.  We work diligently to stay within budgets and time schedules. Take a look at these amazing 8×16 concession trailers. They will surely WOW you!


8×16 Bar Trailer For Sale

This 8×16 Concession Bar Trailer For Sale was built for Bozzuto’s, in Connecticut. Gypsy Bar is a charming bar trailer is loaded and a money-spinner indeed.  Its cooling equipment features a back bar. It also has a ice chests, a bunn drink machine, and beer draft keg system.

It has plenty of work tables and shelving space to work with multiple staff inside.

It has two windows so you can guide your customers’ traffic by order here and pick here lines. No generator was needed on this particular trailer, however, we can add it if needed. It includes a full electrical and plumbing system.

The custom graphic design was installed with a full wrap on specialty, quality vinyl for the exterior of the concession trailer.

We can build you a similar one or custom build your bar trailer according to your budget and needs. Are you excited yet? Call us to get your own bar trailer and turn your dream into a reality!

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8×16 Concession Trailer Highlights:

Cooking equipment under 7′ hood with fire suppression system: 24″ griddle, 12″ broiler, 4 burners range with oven, 45 lbs deep fryer. Also a 2 hole steam table.

Cooling equipment: 20 cu ft refrigerator, 20 cu ft freezer and 27″ sandwich prep.

It includes a Briggs and Stratton generator.

It includes 70 sq ft of graphics printed and installed with a custom design of your choice.

All of the concession trailers are certified by an LP third party company. It has a certification for the fire suppression system licensed installer.

All trailers are built according to your local health department codes and regulations. We can modify this trailer to suit your needs.


This 8×16 Brick Oven Pizza Trailer For Sale was built for Maui Pizza in Hawaii. This delightful brick oven pizza trailer is fully loaded and a money machine indeed.  It includes a Mugnaini Neapolitan Dome Model 120. It allows pizza capacity as follows: As many as  6-12″ pies. Its cooling equipment features a refrigerator and 67″ pizza prep.

It has plenty of work tables and shelving space to work with multiple staff inside. It has two windows so you can guide your customers’ traffic. It has a powerful generator and includes a full electrical and plumbing system.

The custom graphic design was installed on the black trailer exterior to keep an elegant and clean look. It also has cameras on the inside & outside of the trailer.

We can build you a similar pizza trailer or custom build your mobile pizza oven trailer according to your budget and needs. You may also choose a different make and model for your brick oven pizza, if you desire. Your exterior oven can be of a solid stucco color or from a mosaic tiles selection.

Are you excited yet? Call us to get your own pizza trailer and turn your dream into a reality!

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Other Options & Features to add to your concession trailer:

RGB lights underneath the trailer, awnings, TV & Speakers, bathroom, storage room…and much more! Call Us Now

What to consider about your 8×16 Concession Trailer?

If you enjoy cooking and have recipes that you want to share with the world, and you want to start a business, but not sure on where to start. Concession Nation is the answer. We are the one stop shop that has it all to build the concession trailer of your dreams! By doing that, we want to make sure it’s built to your satisfaction. Before the layout is set in stone, there are some key things to keep in mind before deciding the layout.  Cook what sells! Determine what cooking and cooling equipment you will need for your concession trailer. Restaurants that have a bigger menu know what sells, so they already have an idea on what to serve in their concession trailer. If you’re a startup business, then you will have to think about what food to serve customers. Customers want fast, fresh, filling, and delicious food.

It’s good to have shelving, cabinets, or a storage closet, or a pantry room. You want to make sure you have enough supplies to get you through the day or an event. It’s also good to have storage so you won’t have things in your way or making a mess while preparing food. Bathrooms are a great asset in buying a concession trailers because; it keeps you from having to close for a couple of minutes and waiting in long lines. You can also consider adding enclosed or open porches.

What to Consider about your Concession Trailer operation.

Do you need space for one or two people? Or will you have multiple people working different service stations plus inside and out of the vehicle? You want to make sure you have a system going while working with your staff to ensure no accidents occur, or no one is in each other’s way. Location is key; you want to go where the people are. Will you be focused on street parking locations around busy commerce parks, will you be traveling to locations all over your state and surrounding areas for events or will you be parking your mobile food kitchen in one location permanently? If you plan on moving to multiple locations you should know what times and days will help you make most of your profit.

Do you have a marketing strategy for your food trailer? If you are focused on street parking and joining food truck events, you’ll want to stand out. Are we designing a custom wrap or graphics with your logo and featured food on it? Do you have a design already in mind? Custom awnings, televisions, speakers, microphones, L.E.D. lighting, and signage can help you to stand out in a crowd.

Are you serving early? Add tables, to your morning patrons is a nice touch. Will you be serving lunch time to busy professionals? Consider larger signs that promote your menu to those at the back of the line to help expedite taking orders.  Or will you be serving the after-hours crowd? Late night food trucks need extra external lighting to highlight their location. Adding technology to your trailer is very important. Here are a few equipment items you should consider adding: GPS, Wi-Fi to offer your guests, television monitors for menu displays or entertainment, outdoor stereos, and more. Technology will most certainly make your concession trailer stand out because of customer interaction, and the entertainment. Buying an 8×16 concession trailer for sale is the beginning getting it built out is where your success starts.

Why buy from Concession Nation?

Concession Nation is a trustworthy trailer and food truck builder since 2006. We have earned an elite reputation in the industry and have become a leader in many ways. As a result, we have a lot of repeat business as well as an elite clientele from Google Inc. to hotels, resorts, casinos, schools, military, cities, and so much more, which you can see for yourself in our galleries. We are pleased of our continued promise to improve our quality and workmanship each year. Above all, we offer competitive prices to keep our food trucks and concession trailers affordable.

Concession Nation can custom build your food trailer, as you envision it. We will build it according to your local health department codes, with quality and craftsmanship. We take pride in every build and make sure each is unique and stunning.

Call us or inquire now for more details and let us pursue you, we want your business! Most noteworthy, we can give you a detail proposal with no hidden fees.

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