Build A Food Truck:
Commonly-Asked Questions About The Business

Before entrepreneurs venture into a certain kind of business, it is always vital to get to know more about it. For individuals who want to build a food truck and start their mobile kitchen or diner, the following are some of the most frequently-asked queries about mobile food business:

  • What are the different truck sizes appropriate for a mobile food business?
    It actually depends on the type of food the client wants to offer. There are 12-14-foot trucks, 16-foot truck and 18-foot truck. The 18-foot is the most ideal truck size for mobile food business.
  • What are the truck brands used by Concession Nation?
    The company makes use of excellent brands such as Ford, Grummins, GMC, International and Workhorse.
  • Can personal cooking materials also be installed in the food truck?
    Yes. The company will install the cooking equipments that the client wants.
  • Can the client provide the truck that he wants?
    Yes, definitely. The company will just create an appropriate design and layout and convert the truck into a clean, safe, comfy and attractive food truck.